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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated October 31, 2014

A lot of the stuff you do is repetitive. You likely perform many similar tasks with each new client, and email them each very similar messages and documents. You've got all the steps mapped out in your head, but you're wasting time retyping stuff every time.

Solve CRM aims to fix this problem by letting you use templates for everything. You can make activity templates with the tasks, calls, meetings and more you'll need with each new client, complete with the amount of time needed between each one, and then make email and document templates that can be quickly reused when needed. Then, when you add a new lead, Solve will set everything in motion for you.

The sales process you'll need to take your customers through is different for every business, as is the types of data you'll need to collect. Solve lets you customize both with your own sales process and as many custom fields as you need, to make sure you track everything. You can also customize workgroups to make sure you're sharing exactly what you want with each part of your company.

You won't have to copy and paste data much with Solve CRM, since it's integrated with many of the apps you already use. You can send email newsletters to your contacts with MailChimp or ConstantContact, log phone calls from RingCentral, store billing data from Xero and Freshbooks, and add leads with Wufoo forms or Zendesk support tickets.

Perhaps the most exciting feature in Solve CRM is its Google Apps integration. Unlike the standard Gmail sync that's in so many CRMs, you'll find a link tool that lets you set Gmail tags and relevant sharing permissions. Then, when you add the tag to any email, it's shared with the team members you want and linked to the relevant contacts. You'll also find a complete Solve page underneath your Gmail emails with contact info and more, including far more details than a CRM sidebar in Gmail ever could.

It's not just Gmail that's a 1st class citizen. You'll also find 2-way Google Contacts and Calendar sync, email templates in Gmail that can be auto-filled from your CRM data, and Google Maps previews for all addresses. There's also integration with Google Sheets spreadsheets for advanced reports that are easy to customize on your own. And, to top it all off, there's a Google Docs Mail Merge tool that lets you auto-fill template documents with info from your CRM and then save them as PDFs.

Leave Google integration out, and Solve CRM is still a good CRM. But it's so great when you integrate it with Google Apps, you won't want to use it without them. If you've ever wished you could email with templates that auto-fill with your contacts' info or make documents from your address book, Solve is the CRM to try.

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Solve CRM Features

  • Activity templates to quickly make lists of tasks for each new lead
  • Customizable work reports to see what needs done
  • Custom fields and tags to keep track of everything
  • Deep Google Apps integration including support for mail-merged documents and spreadsheet-powered reports
  • iOS and Android apps

Solve CRM Pricing

  • $25/user/month for up to 60k active contacts, 25k active blog posts, and 150GB storage

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