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How to Get Started with Redmine

To get started with Redmine on Zapier, first you will need to click to connect your Redmine account to use with your Zap.

Click to connect Redmine

Next, a popup would appear and you'll be asked to enter your Redmine Full domain and API Key.

How to Find Your Redmine API Key#

Redmine username and password

To find your Redmine API key, login to your Redmin admin account then open your Administration settings and select Authentication. Check the Enable REST API key option there.

Then, copy your Redmine API key from the My Account sidebar, and add it to Zapier’s Redmine login dialog.

Click “Continue” and if your details were correct your Redmine account will now be successfully connected.

Redmine connection successfull

Popular Things To Do With Redmine

  • Create Trello cards from Redmine issues

    Redmine + Trello

    Try It
  • Post new Redmine issues to Slack

    Redmine + Slack

  • Create Redmine issues from new or moved Trello cards

    Trello + Redmine

  • Create Google Calendar events for new Redmine issues

    Redmine + Google Calendar

  • Create Todoist tasks from new Redmine issues

    Redmine + Todoist

  • Create Redmine time entry from new Toggl time entry

    Toggl + Redmine

Common Problems with Redmine

About the Redmine Integration#

  • Admin/owner permissions: None
  • Paid/versioned account: Should work with all versions of Redmine
  • Authentication method: API Key
  • Custom field support: Yes!
  • Partner’s documentation: None at the moment

(403) Forbidden error#

If you're getting this error and you have someone selected in the Assign to ID dropdown, make sure that they are set up as an admin in Redmine.

I get a 401 Unauthorized error when attempting to connect my Redmine account#

You will need to make sure the REST API is enabled in Redmine.

You can do this by going to Administration -> Settings -> Authentication and ticking the Enable REST API checkbox.

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