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Printfection is designed to handle the entire swag process, from design to distribution. With just a logo and an address, you can get shirts, pens, stickers, laptop sleeves, and much more customized with your brand. Then, you can get those items packaged together for your next company retreat or promotional event, or mailed individually to your fans and team.

It starts with building your Printfection inventory. Pick from dozens of shirt styles and other items in Printfection's Merchandise listing, select the color (over 50 options for their most popular t-shirt) and sizes you want, upload your logo, and specify how you'd like it to appear on the item.

Then, choose whether you'd like to order the item in a bulk, or to keep them in Printfection's inventory. With the former, Printfection can roll clothing items and add size labels, to make them easy to hand out at events. For the latter, Printfection can keep your items in stock, and send them out quickly whenever you want to order one.

The inventory option is Printfection's best feature, since it gives you an easy way to send out branded products to your team and fans anytime. Say you want to promote a new feature in your app, or the holiday special at your store, by giving away shirts with your logo. Just create a new campaign, and add the swag items you want to offer in this promotion—perhaps you'll offer fans 2 different shirt colors and a number of sizes to choose from. Then, add a title, description, and any custom branding you want to the page, and you'll have a new giveaway campaign ready. Now, from your campaign page, you can copy unique branded links to your items, which let the recipient order one of your items for free.

Once the order is placed, Printfection will ship the item for you, and will even email the recipient with info about the shipment with a branded message that looks like it came from your team. You'll save money and time by not having to store inventory and send out individual items, while building goodwill and spreading your brand with free swag.

Already have the names and addresses of people who need items from you, perhaps after running a Kickstarter campaign? There's no need to enter the info by hand, or make your fans waste time filling out another order form. Instead, you can upload a CSV file of your contacts, and Printfection will send everyone on the list the item they'd selected.

Printfection is an easy way to make branded products and send them out without having to worry about anything extra. With just a few minutes and a logo, you can get your logo on just about anything you want—and have it show up on anyone's door a few days later.

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Printfection Pricing

  • $79/month Starter plan for up to 500 piece inventory, 1 item management, from $2.50/order fulfillment cost, $2/item event packing, and core features

  • $299/month Standard plan for up to 5k piece inventory, 1 item management, from $2.50/order fulfillment cost, $1/item event packing, free drop-ins, priority item setup, and more.

  • From $999/month Enterprise plan for custom fulfillment cost, dedicated account representative, and more.

Not including price of items, fulfillment, and shipping costs; see for more info.

Printfection Features

  • Print customized shirts, stickers, and other swag to giveaway or sell

  • Upload designs to get custom items, and have Printfection store them until needed

  • Drop shipping for events and bulk orders, or individual shipping for giveaways

  • Collect bulk orders and submit them via CSV to order and ship all items at once

  • International shipping to over 200 countries

  • API and Zapier integration to automatically giveaway swag to customers

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