Share new Pocket items on SocialPilot

Using Pocket for your recommendations to social media connections? Make sure everyone immediately knows what you're saving for later by activating this Pocket SocialPilot integration. It will then trigger every time you save an item to your Pocket queue, instantly sharing a text post with all your chosen social media accounts.

How It Works

  1. A new item is added to your Pocket queue
  2. Zapier automatically shares a text post instantly on SocialPilot

What You Need

  • Pocket account
  • SocialPilot account
Share new Pocket items on SocialPilot
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Pocket is the best way to save articles, videos and links to view on any device, any time.

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SocialPilot lets you create schedules for postings on your social media profiles, pages and groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter to increase engagement and make your presence felt.

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