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What SocialPilot Triggers and Actions are Supported?

Supported Triggers#

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Supported Actions#

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How to Get Started with SocialPilot on Zapier

The first thing you'll need to do to get started with using SocialPilot with Zapier and the hundreds of other services, you need to connect your SocialPilot account with Zapier. During your Zap creation process, you will be prompted to connect your SocialPilot account.


When you click on "Connect a different SocialPilot Account", You're given the chance to name this new SocialPilot Account for future reference. Of course you can just leave the default, if you'd like.


A window appears asking you to sign in to SocialPilot (if you're not already signed in). If you don't have an account already, now is the time to make one! After signing up or signing in, you're shown this screen.


This web page is what allows Zapier to access and create data in your SocialPilot account. To finish, click "Authorize App".


You're done! You've successfully connected.

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Common Problems with SocialPilot

SocialPilot Posts not appearing in my account.#

SocialPilot posts have some plan restrictions. Their Free plan allows daily 10 posts and you can add up to 30 posts in the queue. If you need to send more than that you will need to upgrade your SocialPilot plan. You can see more on their plans here.

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SocialPilot is a social media marketing tool which lets you create and schedules social media posts for your social media profiles.

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