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New Relic started out with one core tool: New Relic Application Performance Monitoring (APM). Today, the New Relic family includes six tools to test your apps and monitor your infrastructure, mobile apps, browser-side performance, and the business impact of your software. It's what Google Analytics is for your site's traffic and inbound visitor stats for the code and backend of your applications.

With agents for PHP, Node.js, Python, Ruby, and Go code, OS agents for Windows Server and Linux, mobile application libraries for iOS and Android, and plugins for databases, web servers, and more, New Relic can monitor your applications wherever they run. Whether you're running traditional in-house or co-located servers, or deploy applications in the cloud with AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure, New Relic's ready to monitor them all with a customizable dashboard and filtering tools to help you find out exactly what you need to know about every error.

New Relic's main dashboard shows you the performance graphs that matter most for your team, with a single view that can show, say, load time for every type of asset on your site or response time for every service on your server. All of your errors are grouped together, with their own graph to show errors over time with a list of each issue underneath. You can then sort through the errors by server, zoom out to see the timeframe you need, or search through errors to find the issue you need to address—even down to the line of code that caused the error, depending on your plan and level of integration with your app. And you can make custom reports for anything you need, to make sure you're hitting your service level agreement or just that your database isn't gong to be overloaded in the near future. That's New Relic APM—each other New Relic app offers similar tools to monitor your infrastructure, mobile apps, browser performance, and more.

Ideally, though, you won't need to use the error screen to see when things have gone wrong. You'll instead use New Relic's alerts to get notified whenever anything's down, with alerts that can be sent to your team chat tool or issues tracker so the right team member will always know when to jump on a problem. With New Relic's mobile apps, you can get the same monitoring features on the go to jump right in and see what caused that notification even if you're away from the desk. And over time, New Relic's intelligence tools and Synthetics application tests will help you identify issues before they happen.

Knowing your site's uptime or server CPU utilization isn't enough anymore. New Relic's detailed monitoring tools can help you keep track of every possible thing about your applications—and help you find exactly what went wrong when things break so you can fix them faster.

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