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Just like other kanban board apps, MeisterTask starts out with boards and lists for your tasks, which you customize for each project. You add cards to the board and label them as your tasks. To each card, you can add a list of subtasks, as well as tags, comments, due dates, and attachments. Then you can drag and drop your cards into the appropriate columns as you move through different phases of work. MeisterTask is collaborative, too, so you can invite people to join your projects and assign them tasks as needed.

The MeisterTask dashboard is the first thing you see when you open the app. It gives you an overview of all your tasks that require your attention today, along with a list of starred or assigned tasks that may need your attention.

Cards in MeisterTask have a few features that you don't typically see in kanban board apps, such as a Complete Task button on the top of each card that, once clicked, shows the amount of time the card has been on the board. In other words, how long did it take from the time you wrote the task to when it was marked done? Additionally, you can enable a timer in your projects to record actual time spent on task, which can then be compiled into a graph.

MeisterTask also supports task relationships, the same thing that other project management apps typically call task dependencies. If one task is dependent on another task, it means you cannot complete the dependent task unless the other task is completed first.

Other helpful features include the ability to copy a list of sub-tasks and reuse it on different cards, and a Slack integration that lets you receive notifications of changes that happen on your boards. Because MeisterTask is supported by Zapier, you can create other automations between MeisterTask and hundreds of other apps, too.

Behind MeisterTask's cheery interface is a feature set that make it a professional and highly capable kanban board tool. If you need a collaboration app that can turn your brainstorming sessions into a project to-do list, and help you track all the work related to the project from start to finish, MeisterTask is a wonderful option.

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