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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated June 29, 2018

Insightly is a customer relationship management (CRM) app with several options for tight email integration, custom fields, and role-based permissions in Professional- and Enterprise-grade plans. It's easy to setup and start using on your own, unlike other CRM services that require professional configuration. Insightly is among [the best CRM]apps( In particular, it's a compelling option for entrepreneurs and micro-businesses because it has a free level of service, for teams of up to two people.

Another reason Insightly works well is its interface. While it's not precisely like any other app, you'll notice familiarity throughout. Menu options line the left side Overall, the interface is clear and easy to navigate, which helps you stay productive when using the system.

Insightly is designed to be both a CRM and a project management app. By combining contact-focused CRM information with detailed project management capabilities, Insightly goes beyond giving you a list of tasks to tackle. The app can record all the related work you need to do or have done; when you or someone on your converts an opportunity, Insightly can generate a project based on the information contained therein.

Contact management doesn't have to be complicated with Insightly. Just add the info you have about your contacts, and it finds related information on its own. For most contacts, Insightly shows their avatar, social media profiles, and work experience from LinkedIn, in addition to standard contact information, such as email address. You can then add more info, such as tags for deeper organization. These profile pages help you see the big picture about the people you need to contact. If you're already using Evernote to save info about contacts, you can link notes to contacts to add more info going forward.

Gmail-style email support shows all emails that you BCC to your Insightly email address. The app links those messages to your contacts automatically and shows other contacts who are usually included in your conversations. If you'd like to keep the conversation going, you can reply right from Insightly or start a new Gmail message just by clicking on the email address. Or, you can send a mass email to your contacts using Mailchimp, also from inside Insightly.

A little more about the project management features: Insightly offers tasks and milestones to keep your projects on track, plus pipelines to make your work flow in the way that works best for you. There are fewer project management features than what you might expect to find in fully-featured project management software, but if your tasks typically are focused on your contacts, you can reap value by managing your team's work inside your CRM without needing another app. Plus, Insightly's deep email integration comes in handy with email reminders about the tasks you need to complete.

Insightly's reports and dashboards are excellent. You'll find almost as many types of reports and report customization options in Insightly as you would in Salesforce.

Insightly is an excellent CRM app for teams of a variety of sizes, especially those looking for integrated project management tools. It's also an attractive options for very small businesses that need a free CRM for the time being and may upgrade later.

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Insightly Features

  • Manage customer relationships, leads, projects, and tasks
  • Schedule and track emails to customers
  • View custom reports and dashboards
  • Evernote and Mailchimp integration to save notes and send emails easily
  • Integrate with G Suite, Microsoft tools, MailChimp, and other apps and services
  • iOS and Android apps available

Insightly Pricing

  • Free for teams of 2 people, with limitations such as 2,500 records, 10 reports and smart alerts, 200Mb file storage, 500 records per import
  • $348/year per person Plus plan that includes 100,000 records, 2,500 emails, 50 custom fields, kanban board, standard dashboards, and more
  • $588/year per person Professional that includes 250,000 records, 5,000 emails, 100 custom fields, custom dashboards, role-based permissions, and more
  • $1,188/year per person Enterprise plan that includes unlimited records, 10,000 emails, 200 custom fields, custom project management options, and more

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Insightly is a CRM and project management app that helps small to medium businesses manage contacts, track relationships, monitor sales pipeline, organize projects and more. It keeps all your critical business info on all your devices, so your company sells more and satisfies customers better.

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