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Insightly is a CRM and project management app that helps small to medium businesses manage contacts, track relationships, monitor sales pipeline, organize projects and more. It keeps all your critical business info on all your devices, so your company sells more and satisfies customers better.

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Insightly Features

  • Customer relationship and project management all in one
  • Easily define relationships between contacts through deep linking
  • Email tools for sales follow ups and automatically tracked communications
  • Advanced reporting to filter and group customer data
  • Evernote and Mailchimp integration to save notes and send emails easily
  • Deep integrations email tools like Gmail, Outlook, and MailChimp to connect email marketing with your CRM
  • iOS and Android apps available

Insightly Pricing

  • Free for up to 2 users, with 10 advanced reports, 5 email templates, 10 custom fields and 2.5k records
  • $12/month per user Basic plan for unlimited reports, up to 5 scheduled reports and smart alerts, 25k records, and more
  • $29/month per user Plus plan for up to 25 scheduled reports and smart alerts, 100k records, priority email support, and more
  • $49/month per user Professional plan for up to 100 scheduled reports and smart alerts, 250k records, priority email support, and more
  • $99/month per user Enterprise plan for up to 250 scheduled reports and smart alerts, 500k records, priority email support, and more

Last updated March 22, 2016. Please visit the official site for the most up-to-date information.

Insightly Review

If there’s one problem with web apps, it’s that they each typically have their own interface that works slightly different from other apps. If you’re using standard Mac or Windows programs, you can almost guarantee where certain functions will be. With web apps, though, it’s always a bit of a search when you’re just getting started.

That’s why Insightly’s best advantage just may be its interface. While it’s not precisely like any other app, you’ll notice Google-style design influences throughout the app. There’s prominent navigation tabs on the left, much like Google Analytics, and Save buttons on the top of editing panes, much like in Gmail. The email integration even looks much like the older Gmail interface, and the calendar highly resembles Google Calendar. It’s a small thing, but it’s the first thing you’ll notice about Insightly.

The next thing you’ll notice about Insightly is that it’s designed to be both a project management app and a CRM. There’s great contact-focused CRM features, along with detailed project management that goes far beyond just adding todos on your individual tasks. And, it’s deeply integrated with Evernote, Gmail, Outlook, and Mailchimp to help you get even more out of it.

Contact management doesn’t have to be complicated with Insightly. Just add the info you have about your contacts, and it’ll try to smartly find the rest of the info on its own. With most contacts, you’ll see their avatar, social media profiles, and work experience from LinkedIn show up automatically once you add their email address. You can then add extra info with tags to organize contacts as you like, or link contacts based on any relationship you’d like—not just the company they work for. This will help you easily get the big picture about the people you’re working with. If you’re already using Evernote to save info about contacts, you can link your notes to contacts to have an easy way to add more info going forward.

Then, as mentioned before, there’s Gmail style email support that shows all emails that you BCC to your Insightly email address. It’ll link those messages to your contacts automatically, and even show other contacts who are usually included in your conversations with that person to automatically show your relationships. And if you’d like to keep the conversation going, you can reply right from Insightly or start a new Gmail message just by clicking on the email address in Insightly. Or, you can send a mass email to your contacts using Mailchimp, right from inside Insightly.

On the project management side of Insightly, there’s tasks and milestones to keep your projects on track, and pipelines to make your work flow in the way that works best for you. There’s less project management features than a full project manager, but if your tasks typically are focused on your contacts, it’s a great way to manage your team’s work inside your CRM without needing another app. Plus, Insightly’s deep email integration comes in handy with email reminders about the things you need to do.

Insightly reports are also impressive. You’ll find almost as many types of reports and report customization options in Insightly as you would in Salesforce. There’s also a quick Print button to turn your reports into PDFs, and export tools so you can analyze your data elsewhere.

If your team’s already used to working in Google Apps, and you’d like a more powerful way to manage your contacts and the things you need to do, Insightly’s a great option. It’s simple and affordable, and while its interface isn’t the fanciest, it may be the easiest to incorporate in a Google-centric workflow.

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Reviewed by Matthew Guay, Zapier. Last updated September 18, 2014.

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