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How to Get Started with Insightly

The first thing you'll need to do is select Insightly either as an action or as a trigger.

Insightly new contact triggrer

The next step is you'll need to add your Insightly account to Zapier. This can be found by logging in to your Insightly account, clicking the profile icon in Insightly and select User Settings.

My Info. Not your info.

On the next page, scroll to the bottom to locate your API key.

Scroll down. The API key is there. Trust me.

Copy and paste that into the connected account account box!

Try this key. I dare you. It won't work. ;)

If all works well you should see the following with a successful account validation. If it fails you should check to make sure you copied the API key and removed any whitespace before or after it.

Ahh... there it is. A good valid connected API

Common Problems with Insightly

I Have Hundreds of Contacts but None of Them Show Up In Samples!

This integration works by looking at new contacts that have been created within the last hour. So you may want to create a fresh contact to test with as you set the zap up.

Popular Things to do with Insightly

  • Collect new Typeform responses as rows on Google Sheets

    Typeform + Google Sheets

    Try It
  • Send emails from Gmail for new Facebook Lead Ads leads

    Facebook Lead Ads + Gmail

  • Get email notifications or send follow-ups to new Typeform respondents

    Typeform + Gmail

  • Get Slack notifications for new Typeform entries

    Typeform + Slack

  • Get emails with new Facebook Lead Ads leads

    Facebook Lead Ads + Email by Zapier

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