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Get to know IMAP by Zapier

Add IMAP server to Zapier

To connect your email account to Zapier, make a new Zap with the IMAP by Zapier integration, and click the Connect button to add your email account. Fill in the details, with your email host address, username, and password—along with the port if your email server requires a specific one.

Pick mailbox in Zapier

Zapier will then show each of email folders or tags; select the one you want to watch for new messages. Want to get notified about all new messages? Select your inbox. Or, if you'd rather start workflows whenever you file messages into a specific folder, choose that mailbox instead.

Want Zapier to watch for specific emails—those from important contacts or with specific words in their subject lines? Add a filter to your Zap and tell Zapier what to watch for, then your Zap will only run for email messages that match your criteria.

Then add an action app to do anything you want with the email. Log it into a spreadsheet. Add the sender to your email list. Forward the message to your team chat app or customer support tool. Add an SMTP by Zapier integration to reply while you’re on vacation. Anything you want to automate with email, you can do with Zapier’s IMAP tool.

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