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What HubSpot CRM Triggers and Actions are Supported?

Supported Triggers#

  • New Deal - Triggers when a new deal is created.
  • New Contact - Triggered every time a new contact is created in HubSpot.
  • New Deal in Stage - Triggers when a new deal enters a stage.
  • New Contact Property Change - Triggered every time a specified property is updated on any contact. This will also be triggered when a contact is created with this property.
  • New Company - Triggers when a new company is created.

Supported Actions#

  • Create Company - Creates a new company.
  • Create Deal - Creates a new deal.
  • Update Deal - Updates an existing deal.
  • Update Company - Updates an existing company.
  • Create or Update Contact - Create a new contact or update an existing contact based on email address.

Supported Searches#

  • Find Contact - Finds an existing contact.
  • Find Company - Finds an existing company.
  • Find Deal - Finds an existing Deal.
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How to Get Started with HubSpot CRM on Zapier

About the HubSpot Integration#

  • Admin/owner permissions: Requires administrator permissions to connect to Zapier.
  • Paid/versioned account: 40,000 monthly API calls are included in every HubSpot plan, including free. The number can be increased to 160,000 for a fee. More information can be found here.
  • Custom field support: Require the use of the HubSpot VID instead of the ID.
  • Partner's documentation: More information can be found here.

Setting up the HubSpot Integration#

The first thing you'll need to do is connect your Hubspot account to Zapier! This is a simple process that you'll need to do as you create your Zap (don't worry about it before, we'll ask you to create it automatically as you start using Zapier!).

Connect your HubSpot

Next, you'll get a pop-up that asks for your Hub ID


You can find your Hub ID by logging in and looking at the very bottom of your dashboard in the footer or near the top-right of the page. Just copy and paste that into the popup and click continue!

Find your Portal ID in HubSpot.

Now you'll be given a HubSpot popup that will confirm that you will be authorizing Zapier to access and manipulate your HubSpot data. Just click authorize and you'll be automatically redirected to Zapier.

Authorize Zapier for HubSpot.

That was easy! Your HubSpot CRM account is now set up in Zapier, we'll even test it to make sure that everything is working like you'd expect.

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Common Problems with HubSpot CRM

I changed a property on a contact and it's not triggering my zap#

Make sure that the property you're changing is on a contact and not on a company. Right now, we aren't able to trigger off property changes to company records, but we do have a feature request for this.

"Property values were not valid" message when creating a new contact#

Sometimes HubSpot returns the message Property values were not valid or The value supplied for the property _____ must be one of the available options.

This means that one of the fields in your action step template corresponds to a checkbox in Hubspot or Hubspot CRM, and you've specified something for that field that is not a "true" or "false" string—for example, a "yes", "no", "True", "False", etc. Hubspot will only take a "true" or "false" in those fields, so if your trigger app is passing data in different format, you can use a Formatter step to convert those values.

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