Post new emails in Gmail to Ryver

Turn important emails into team discussions in Ryver! Don't wait for an email to be forwarded to the right person, instead, route emails for things like Customer Support and Sales to a Ryver team. This is a great way to avoid internal Reply All chains, and make sure the right people can take action on the email as quickly as possible.

Note: This Shared Zap is configured to put a plain text snippet of the email in the Post body, and the fully formatted HTML email body in the "Shared Email" view in Ryver. If you receive a plain text email, only the snippet text will be shown.

How It Works

  1. You have a new email thread in Gmail
  2. Zapier creates a Shared Email Post on the Ryver team (or user) post stream of your choice

What You Need

  • Gmail account
  • Ryver account
Post new emails in Gmail to Ryver
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One of the most popular email services, Gmail keeps track of all your emails with treaded conversations, tags, and Google-powered search to locate find any message you need.

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Ryver is a new, more powerful way to communicate with your team(s). Ryver combines the freedom and immediacy of chat with the organization and power of posts and comments. Also included is file organization within the context of the team, project or discussion in which they are shared.

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