Create Moskit contacts from FullContact cards

Sales people take a lot of business cards everyday, and they need to send it to a CRM. FullContact can scan business cards with a picture and record it for you, removing a ton of work and headache. With this integration, you can take pictures from business cards and automatically create a contact in Moskit. This can make your sales team a lot more productive!

How It Works

  1. You scan a new business card into FullContact
  2. Zapier sends the data to create a Moskit contact

What You Need

  • Moskit account
  • FullContact account
Create Moskit contacts from FullContact cards
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FullContact is your unified address book available across all leading platforms.

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Moskit CRM works hard for our customers to achieve new goals and have impactful results with contact management, deals and opportunities. O Moskit CRM trabalha duro para que os clientes conquistem novos objetivos e tenham um resultado de impacto com a gestão de contatos, empresas e oportunidades.

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