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What Formsite Triggers and Actions are Supported?

Supported Triggers#

  • New Form Result - Triggers when a user submits a new form result.

Supported Actions#

  • None yet!

How to Get Started with Formsite on Zapier

After you create your form in your Formsite account, find your Zapier integration information on your form’s Settings -> Integrations -> Zapier page. You will need this info for the next step.

Zapier settings in your Formsite account

In your Zapier account, start making a new Zap. Select Formsite as the Trigger app and choose your Action app. Click "Connect" to start linking your Formsite Account .

Connect a Formsite account

Next, name your connection and enter your Formsite API Key, Server Prefix, and User Directory.

Enter your Zapier settings

Zapier will validate your integration settings and you can continue setting up your Zap!

Account is working

Common Problems with Formsite on Zapier

Changing Formsite URL or Directory#

If you change your Formsite account's URL Extension or API Key, you will need to reconnect your Formsite account within Zapier.

If you change your form's Form Directory, you will need to reconnect any Zaps using that form in your Zapier account.

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Formsite enables non-technical users to build professional quality web forms and surveys with no HTML or coding experience.

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