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And it's shouldn't be. That's why FormKeep is designed as a form toolkit to let you hand-code the forms you want without having to worry about the backend. It's the happy medium between simplicity and power that your forms need.

Signup for a FormKeep account, and you'll be given a code snippet to include in your site. There's also some example HTML name fields to use in your forms, an option to put in the site or page you want to direct people to after they fill out your site, and an option to receive email notifications when your form's filled out. That's it.

Now it's back to your site. Fire up your code editor, paste in FormKeep's code snippet, and then add the standard HTML form elements you'd include if you were hand-coding your own form. The difference here is, you won't need to tie those fields to your own database; FormKeep will take care of that for you.

Design is fully in your hands this way, too. Your form will inherit your site's existing style from your CSS, or you can add extra CSS to style each section of your form individually—your choice. There's the freedom here to build any type of form you want: a beautifully, hand-tweaked design that looks like no other form, or just a simple contact form that you can put together with a half-dozen lines of code.

Once you're finished, publish your page, and you're done. Your form's live, and whenever someone fills it out, FormKeep will store the results and let you know about them. And, you can make more forms, depending on your account.

See, your form on its own might be enough if all you want is a contact form, but for anything else you'll likely want to put your form data somewhere else. Copy and paste is out of the question; that'd be way too tedious. Instead, you can use FormKeep's webhooks to push data the apps you already use. That can be difficult to setup—and all apps don't support webhooks—so instead you can use FormKeep's Zapier integration to send your form data to hundreds of other apps. That way, you can list your form results in a spreadsheet, automatically add new contacts to your CRM, sign people up for your email newsletter, and so much more.

If you've been considering hand-coding your own forms, but don't want to go to the trouble of making a secure database and building your own integrations, FormKeep is a great option. It gives you the tools to build your own forms with code, without having to handle the messiness that a form would otherwise require.

Originally published February 26, 2015; updated most recently November 29, 2018 with new screenshots and pricing

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