Create contacts in Hatchbuck from Facebook Lead Ads

Marketing through Facebook is incredibly effective for lead generation for many businesses, and with lead ads you can capture contact information right from your Facebook ads! Connect these leads directly into your marketing efforts in Hatchbuck to start on campaigns, send quotes and offers, and convert more customers.

How It Works

  1. A lead is captured via Facebook Lead Ads
  2. Zapier creates the contact in Hatchbuck

What You Need

  • Facebook Lead Ads
  • Hatchbuck
Create contacts in Hatchbuck from Facebook Lead Ads
Facebook Lead Ads integration logo

Facebook lead ads make signing up for business information easy for people and more valuable for businesses. The Facebook lead ad app is useful for marketers who want to automate actions on their leads.

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Keep tabs on your contacts, automatically follow up on them, and track your marketing with smart insights in Hatchbuck's simple CRM.

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