Add new WooCommerce customers to an EmailOctopus list

Help bring customers back to your website by keeping them updated with all your latest news. After being turned on, this integration will add new WooCommerce customers to your EmailOctopus lists, making getting in touch about new products or services easier than ever.

How this WooCommerce-EmailOctopus integration works

  1. A customer is created on WooCommerce, usually following a successful order
  2. Zapier adds the email address of the customer to your specified EmailOctopus list

Apps involved

  • WooCommerce
  • EmailOctopus
Add new WooCommerce customers to an EmailOctopus list
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WooCommerce is a WordPress eCommerce plugin that transforms your WordPress website into a fully featured eCommerce store. Send your customer and order information from WooCommerce to Zapier. Note: this service requires the WooCommerce Zapier Extension that is available for purchase on the extension store.

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A cheaper way to send your email marketing campaigns, using Amazon SES.

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