Parse new emails with Zapier and add them to a row on Excel

If you need to record specific parts of emails you receive regularly, Zapier's Email Parser can extract the contents you need if they follow the same format. Once this integration is active, Zapier will parse emails sent to your Parser Mailbox, extracting information according to your rules and sending that on to Excel as a new row, archiving exactly what you need, and nothing else.

Note(Email Parser): You'll need to set up a Parser mailbox before you use this Zap. Sign up and get more information on the Parser homepage to get started.

Note(Excel): This integration requires an Excel spreadsheet on OneDrive for Business to work

How this Email Parser-Excel integration works

  1. A new email is parsed by Zapier
  2. Zapier automatically adds a row to an Excel spreadsheet

Apps involved

  • Email Parser by Zapier
  • Excel
Parse new emails with Zapier and add them to a row on Excel
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Send emails to your custom address and extract any data! Visit for more information!

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Microsoft's Excel is a spreadsheet application used by millions of users across the world. It is part of the Office ecosystem and is considered the industry standard for spreadsheets.

Only files on OneDrive for Business (available with Office 365 and Sharepoint server) are supported at this time with Zapier.

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