Thank Donately donors with Handwrytten notes

Thanking donors for their support is critical for any non-profit. Set up this automated flow to send a handwritten note automatically for each new Donately donation via Handwrytten.

How this Donately-Handwrytten integration works

  1. A donation is received via Donately
  2. Handwrytten writes out a card in pen and ink on the stationery of your choice and mails the card to the donator within one business day

Apps involved

  • Donately
  • Handwrytten
Thank Donately donors with Handwrytten notes
Donately integration logo

Donately makes online donations dead simple and provides a space for non-profits to manage their donors and online giving activity with ease.

Handwrytten integration logo

Handwrytten is a way to automatically send real cards and notes written in pen and ink.

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