Add Zoho Creator records for new Device Magic submissions

Need a Zoho Creator app to go through the data gathered from Device Magic? For an easy to use and effortless connection, look no further than this Device Magic Zoho Creator integration. Just set it up, and a new record will be added on Zoho Creator every time a new submission is detected from Device Magic, keeping your data flowing through the pipeline smoothly and automatically.

How It Works

  1. A new Device Magic submission is received
  2. Zapier automatically adds a Zoho Creator record

What You Need

  • Device Magic account
  • Zoho Creator account
Add Zoho Creator records for new Device Magic submissions
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Build custom forms to capture important data through your mobile device with Device Magic. Save time, get better data, and automate your business.

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Zoho Creator is an online database builder. Its easy drag-n-drop interface lets you create custom applications for every data collection need, define workflow and also configure business rules that are unique to your business.

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