Get to know is designed to help you get results from your marketing messages. It's a tool to send email newsletters, drip emails, and transactional messages through email or the app of your choice. But more than just the messages and how you'll send them, keeps the focus on your goals to make sure you're reaching them.

It starts with your customer data, which you can import into or let it grab on its own automatically through a JavaScript snippet in your site or by adding the API to your app. That way, you can keep track of every new contact and the details about what pages they've visited, what products they've bought, and more.

Then you can use that data to segment your audience based on the data you've stored about them. Say you want to send a coupon to people who've visited your pricing page. You can make a new segment that watches the pages value in your customer profile for your pricing page, and then sends a message afterwards. Segments make it easy to drill down and find the focused audience who will be most receptive to your message.

You'll then use those segments in triggered workflows. Add the conditions you want to watch for—perhaps "New Signup" and "Visited Pricing Page"—and then build a workflow for what will happen next. You can add emails, push notifications (via Urban Airship), Lob-powered post cards, Twilio-powered SMS messages, delays, or webhook notifications to do an action on dozens of other apps. Often you'll link things together. Perhaps your workflow will wait 3 days after someone visits the pricing page, and if they still haven't bought your product it'll email them—and then wait a week before sending them an SMS message.

Speaking of emails, will help you design all the emails your business needs in one place with an HTML and rich text editor. You can make multiple versions of each email to A/B test their performance, and can then add them to segments to send them out to the right people. Want a signup email? Write the copy you need, then add it to a triggered workflow that's watching for new users. Sending an email newsletter? You can have send it to your entire list or just a segment.

No matter what email you're writing or what triggered workflow you're building, will always ask your goal before it lets you finish building the item. That's perhaps the most clever part of the app. It keeps you focused on what this email should be accomplishing, and then when it report success rates in the dashboard, it'll lean on this metric—not just clicks and pageviews—so you'll know if you're accomplishing what you want.

Sending messages to your customers isn't enough, and checking off that Send Newsletter task doesn't mean the job is done.'s focus on goals will keep you working on what really matters and help you grow your sales and retain customers through emails.

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