Post new Trello activity to Chatter

It can be a challenge to coordinate teams on different services, but with smart automation you can make a near seamless connection. This Trello-Chatter integration in particular will let everyone on Chatter know what's going on in Trello by creating new Chatter posts whenever new activity is detected on a whole Trello board, list, or even single card, ensuring both teams can stay on their respective systems without losing sight of all the important work going on.

How It Works

  1. New activity happens on Trello
  2. Zapier automatically makes a new Chatter post

What You Need

  • Trello account
  • Chatter account
Post new Trello activity to Chatter
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Trello is a team collaboration tool that lets you organize anything and everything to keep your projects on task.

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Chatter makes business processes social. Collaborate in real time, in context, from anywhere.

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