Trigger Call Loop messages for new Formidable entries

Responding to new Formidable entries with messages? We can take care of everything for you so you can focus your time more productively. This Formidable Call Loop integration will trigger with every new entry on Formidable, sending out your chosen Call Loop trigger message automatically.

Note: You'll need to create triggers in Call Loop before using this Zap.

How It Works

  1. A new Formidable entry is received
  2. Zapier automatically triggers a message on Call Loop

What You Need

  • Formidable account
  • Call Loop account
Trigger Call Loop messages for new Formidable entries
Formidable Forms integration logo

Formidable Forms is a WordPress plugin that helps you create beautiful drag and drop forms with custom styling. You and your visitors can submit and edit entries and posts from the front-end of your site. When you have data, display it with graphs and custom views.

Call Loop integration logo

Call Loop lets you automatically send customized & personalized voice and sms text messages to your contacts.

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