Create/Update Accelo contacts for new Autopilot contacts

Manually maintaining contacts between Accelo and Autopilot can be tedious and time consuming. This integration will add every new Autopilot contact to Accelo as a new or updated contact so they're never missed, saving you time so you can get back to doing what you do best.

How this Autopilot-Accelo integration works

  1. A new contact is added to Autopilot
  2. A new contact is created or existing contact is updated in Accelo.

Note: Accelo Contacts are identified by either combination of [email], [email, firstname], [email, firstname, lastname] or [email, company name].

Apps involved

  • Autopilot
  • Accelo
Create/Update Accelo contacts for new Autopilot contacts
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Autopilot is visual marketing software for automating customer journeys, to help companies acquire and nurture leads through email, web, SMS and direct mail.

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Accelo manages all your client work in one place, making your business more profitable and you less stressed.

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