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Connect AcademyOcean to 2,000+ Apps

  • Add new learners from AcademyOcean to HubSpot

    AcademyOcean + HubSpot

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  • Create Salesforce records for new AcademyOcean learners

    AcademyOcean + Salesforce

  • Add new learners from AcademyOcean to Pipedrive

    AcademyOcean + Pipedrive

  • Add Slack reminders for new learners with unfinished courses in AcademyOcean

    AcademyOcean + Slack

  • Send Gmail emails to AcademyOcean learners with new unfinished courses

    AcademyOcean + Gmail

AcademyOcean Integration Details

The following AcademyOcean Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


New Learner

Triggers when a new Learner joins your Academy.

Triggers When a Learner Finishes a Course

Triggers when your Learners complete a course.

Get Learners With Unfinished Course

Triggers when a Learner has at least one incomplete course and hasn't visited the Academy for two days.

New Invite Accepted

Triggers when you or another admin accepts a Learner's request, thus giving them access to the Academy.

New Certificate

Triggers when your Learners receive certificates.

Get Learners With an Unfinished Academy

Triggers when you have a Learner with one completed course and one unstarted course who hasn't been active in your Academy for at least one day.

Get Inactive Learners After 7 Days With an Unfinished Academy

Triggers when your Learners have at least one unstarted course, and check to see if they have visited the Academy in the past week.

New Learner Login

Triggers when your Learners log in to your Academy.


Gives a Learner Access to a Private Academy

Allow your Learners to get access to a private Academy.


Search for a Learner

Find a specific Learner.

Connect AcademyOcean to 2,000+ Apps