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MeisterTask is an incredibly intuitive online task manager that uses smart integrations and task automations to make your team more productive.

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MeisterTask Features

  • A Kanban project management app integrated MindMeister to brainstorm ideas and turn them into projects
  • Customize lists in boards for your workflow
  • Cards include sub-tasks, notes, attachments, comments, tags and stars
  • Task relationships to mark related, duplicated, or blocked tasks
  • List automations to take actions whenever a card is moved into a new list
  • Dashboard to see all projects and personal, starred, and due tasks
  • iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Web apps available

MeisterTask Pricing

  • Free basic plan with 2 integrations
  • $9/user/month Pro plan for unlimited integrations, workflow automations, and reports

Last updated March 2, 2016. Please visit the official site for the most up-to-date information.

MeisterTask Review

When you need to create a unique workflow for your tasks, kanban boards are one of the best tools to use. With customized lists for each phase of your project—perhaps a column for ideas, followed by ones for the various steps each task needs to go through for completion, with a "completed" list at the end—you'll easily be able to see where your projects stand.

And yet, that's often not enough. If every task truly stands on its own, and you could work on any one with the same results each day, then a plain kanban board is fine. But if some tasks are more urgent, and others require the completion of one task before they can get started, you'll need a bit more fine-grained control—something you tend to find in more advanced project management apps.

MeisterTask brings a fresh new face to kanban boards, with a bright, friendly interface that seems at first glance to perhaps be a simpler kanban board, one designed for beginners. And yet, dig deeper, and it includes those extra features that could make kanban boards a practical solution for more complicated projects.

Just like other kanban board apps, MeisterTask starts out with boards and lists for your tasks, ones you can customize for each project. There's cards for your tasks, tags to categorize tasks, comments and notes and sub-tasks and due dates and attachments to keep everything about each task in one place. You can drag cards between lists as they move along your workflow, assign cards to others, and see the full history of a card with a click, just as you'd expect.

But then, there's more. For starts, MeisterTask is the productivity sidekick to popular mindmapping tool MindMeister. You can brainstorm ideas and link them together in a mindmap, then import them into MeisterTask as individual cards (or tasks) in a click. Then, there's extra features on cards that take them beyond normal kanban boards. There's a done button on the top of each card, which is replaced with a time log that shows how long you took to complete the task once you check it off. If you enable it on each project, there's also a timer tool to log time spent on the task and graph it per day. Older cards can gradually be faded into the background, disappearing from your workflows as they get neglected, or you can enable task relationships to mark a card as linked to another task, blocking or being blocked by another task from being completed. And if you need to do the same sub-tasks on different tasks, you can make master sub-task lists to add to new cards with a click.

Those features make MeisterTask a more professional kanban board tool, hidden by its bright and friendly interface. It'll be a more fun way to accomplish tasks, while tracking more data about each task than other kanban apps would. And, if you want to get stuff done automatically, you can enable actions on lists which will automatically send a message in Slack, assign the card to someone else, and more when a card is moved to that list. Or, you can create your own automations with Zapier, for a kanban workflow that tracks what you've done and starts your next tasks automatically when things are done.

There's also the dashboard, the first thing you'll see each day when you open MeisterTask. It gives you an overview of the tasks that are assigned to you today across all of your boards, along with a list of starred or assigned tasks that may need your attention.

If you need a tool that helps turn your brainstorming sessions into real projects, then tracks your work from start to finish, MeisterTask is a great kanaban app to try. Its blocking and linked options especially help it stand out from the crowd, while the dashboard makes sure you'll never forget any of the tasks you need to do—just like a more traditional project management app.

Our Verdict: 4.8 out of 5 stars.


Reviewed by Matthew Guay, Zapier. Last updated March 2, 2016.

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