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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated March 5, 2015

If you need to make a form, chances are it'll ask for contact info somewhere. 123ContactForm, then, would sound like a good option, since its name promises that it's designed for making contact forms, fast. And yet, it's good for far more than just asking for people's names and email addresses.

123ContactForm is a full-featured form editor that includes templates to help you quickly make everything from standard forms and quizzes to order forms, surveys, and more. You'll pick one of the pre-made templates, or start off with a blank design, and then drag-and-drop the elements you want. There's the standard form fields for generic text, radio buttons, and drop-down selections, as well as fields specifically for names, emails, addresses, and other things you'd want in a contact form. Then, there's more advanced fields, including a Google Maps block that you can customize to show any address or area you want.

As you're editing your form, you'll notice a 1 … 2 … 3 heading along the top of the page, where 1 is the editing page, 2 is the form settings page, and 3 is where you'll publish your form. The settings page includes options to get notified via email or SMS when your form has a new submission, and an option to attach the form submission as a PDF to the email. You can even send an email automatically to the person who filled out your form, giving you a chance to thank them for their time and share info about your business.

There's more, too. You'll find a theme gallery to customize how your form looks, 3rd party apps that can integrate with your form, and options to receive payments through your form. And, if you want to make a more advanced form, you can add rules to your form to route people to the best questions for them based on their previous answers, and can add translations to every element in your form so your entire audience can read it.

Once that's all done, it's time to share your form with the world, and 123ContactForm has plenty of options for that. You'll find embed codes to put your form in your site, either directly in a page or as a lightbox popup. Or, you can use its integrations to add your for to your Facebook page, Blogger or WordPress blog, Unbounce landing page, and more.

Then, 123ContactForm will be ready to put your form responses to work for you when your form is filled out. You can setup the aforementioned email notifications to reach out to your new contact, or you can integrate with dozens of other apps with 123ContactForm's integrations or Zapier so you can add your form contacts to your CRM, mailing lists, and more. And, if you want to archive your data for later, you can download each entry as a PDF, making 123ContactForm a simple way to let your team make documents, if you'd like.

123ContactForm is a nice, simple way to make forms that go far beyond just gathering contact data, and its layout makes it easy to know what you'll need to do next. You'll get started making forms in no time with its templates, and then can quickly get your form data working for you.

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123FormBuilder Features

  • Create forms, surveys, quizzes, polls and more
  • Customize forms with your own theme and domain
  • Send email notifications with a custom template
  • Accept payments from PayPal, Stripe and more
  • Translate forms into multiple languages

123FormBuilder Pricing

  • Free Basic plan for 5 forms and 100 submissions per month
  • $14.95/month Gold plan for 20 forms, 5k submissions, and 3rd party integrations
  • $29.95/month Platinum plan for unlimited forms, 20k submissions, payment integrations and 3rd party apps

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