Send RSS to Email to Follow Sites From Your Inbox

By Matthew Guay - Published September 27, 2018 -

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Want to get an email anytime your favorite sites and blogs publish new content? Here's the easiest way to follow any site from your email inbox.

What You Need:

  • A Zapier Account
  • An RSS Feed
  • Your Email Address

Here's a pre-made Zap to set this up quickly—then follow this guide to finish setting up the workflow.

Zapier RSS

First, you'll need an RSS feed from the site you want to follow. Check the site for an orange RSS icon, or a Feed link on the site, and copy the link.

Then, click the Use this Zap button here to build a Zap—or an automated workflow with Zapier. When Zapier asks for the RSS feed, paste the link you copied in the field.

Click Continue and Zapier will copy a recent post from that site.

Zapier email

All that's left is to add your email address to the email page. Then finish making the Zap and turn it on, and whenever something new is published on your favorite site, Zapier will email it to you.

Want to follow more sites? Run this Zap again to make another RSS to Email workflow—or check this tutorial to filter and combine RSS feeds and follow 5 sites at once.

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Published September 27, 2018

Written by Zapier writer Matthew Guay


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