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The high of finding the perfect house for your client can make it easy to forget the numerous steps to get there. There's a lot of work—and paperwork—that needs to happen before turning over those keys.

As a real estate professional, your time is valuable. Smart agents and brokers automate the tedious work so they can spend their time working with clients, not manually sending follow-up emails and organizing contracts. Here are just a few examples of the Zaps—or automated workflows—top-producing agents are using to help close deals.

Follow up with new leads quickly

Being able to follow up with a new lead quickly is crucial—as soon as a potential client fills out your lead form, you know there's a short window of time before they start looking elsewhere.

Getting notified immediately when you have a new lead—whether you're in the office or on the go—means you can follow up right away, before the lead gets cold. These Zap templates—or pre-made workflows—can automate that process by letting you or your team know when you have a new lead by automatically sending you a text message or posting in your team's chat program.

You can also automatically send an email to new leads letting them know you'll be in touch soon or to provide them with more information.

Add new leads to your CRM

Are you still manually entering contact information into your customer relationship management (CRM) software? Free up your time by automatically adding your lead's contact information into your CRM.

Share listings across your social media profiles

Sharing your latest listings on Instagram or posting a more in-depth look on YouTube can be a great way to connect with potential buyers. But it can be tedious to re-post each listing across your various social media profiles. These templates can do the work for you so you're not doubling up on your effort.

Keep track of deal stages

Real estate transactions have a lot of steps and, depending on which stage of the deal you're in, you or your team may want to follow up in different ways. Don't miss a step with these workflows.

By automating the process you can add a task to your to-do list app when a contract is signed, let your team know when you've gotten a signature in your favorite chat app, and more.

Easily manage your documents

Between disclosures, inspection reports, pre-approval letters, offers, and counter-offers, real estate agents deal with a lot of paperwork.

With files coming in from a lot of different places, and possibly to a few different inboxes, automatically storing them all in one place can make it easier to stay organized. Use one of these workflows to copy your files and save them to your favorite file storage app automatically.

Looking for more ways to automate your work? Check the other Zap template collections to find the perfect Zaps for your business.


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