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As a Real Estate Professional, your time is valuable. Smart agents and brokers use Zapier to make software do their tedious work – so they can spend their time working with clients and nurturing new leads.

Here are just a few examples of Zaps that top-producing agents are using to automate their daily lives.

Follow Up With New Leads Quickly

Being able to follow up with a new lead quickly is crucial – as soon as a potential client fills out your lead form, you know there's a short window of time before they start looking elsewhere. With Zapier, you can build a Zap to immediately add your new lead's name, phone number, and email address to your mobile phone using Google Contacts – and send yourself an SMS notification letting you know it's time to give them a call:

Add New Leads To Your CRM

Are you still manually entering your lead's contact information into your CRM? Free up your time by using Zapier to automatically have your lead's contact information entered into your CRM.

Save Files Automatically

Disclosures, Inspection Reports, Pre-Approval Letters, Offers, Counter-Offers, Title Reports.

Your files come from somewhere, somewhere that can watch for new files and then save them where you want. Perhaps people email you files, and you then need to save them to a folder. Or maybe they fill out your form, send you a file, and you have to copy them over to your computer.

Zapier can do that for you, with these workflows to copy your files and save them to your favorite file storage app automatically:

Schedule Showings Instantly

Why take the time to create event details, share calendar invites and ping your clients about showings when you don’t have to?

Easy automations can schedule new showings from actions in your other planning and organizational tools.
With Zapier, you can put much of the work behind scheduling showings on autopilot so you can focus on providing the best experience for your clients, and let technology handle the rest.

You can build a Zap to immediately create a Google Calendar event as soon as you receive a new email in Gmail (or only within a certain label):

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