Working With The Web and a Database

By Zapier

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Whether it's making your own data more accessible or simply wanting to hook your own tools up with popular web services, this set of Zaps makes it easy to hook up your internal database with anything.

Save Your Data to Your Own Database

One of the downsides of using cloud software is that you end up putting a lot of your data into someone's third party system where it isn't always easy to extract. With Zapier, you can easily save a copy of any new piece of data to your own MySQL database. A great example is saving Zendesk tickets to your own MySQL database.

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Trigger Emails from New Database Rows

Any time a new row is created in your database it's cause for an email. Maybe it's a welcome email for new customers or maybe it's simply an internal notification of activity for the team. Either way, setting up the emails aren't super easy.

A simple way to make this work is with a transactional email service like Mandrill. You can trigger an email through Mandrill for new MySQL rows.

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Create A Public Form For Your Database

If you want to collect data from users or from employees the most effective way isn't to let them insert data into a database. As easy as a database is for those of us with a technical background, it's equally as scary for those without one.

A good solution is to create a public web form that you can direct people to that will submit to your database. A good example is using Wufoo as a public form to your MySQL database.

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Get Alerts for New Database Rows

If you want to stay up to date on database activity, alerts are the way to go. A simple zap to make this work is an sms via Twilio for new MySQL database rows.

This will keep you up to date on database activity and you can use the internal Zapier filters to make sure that you are only notified for rows with certain properties.

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Insert Row into DB via Chat, Email or Text

Want to create a new row in your database on the fly? If your like me, then you'll always have access to chat, email or text. You easily use one of the three to insert data straight into your own database.

A quick example? This email to MySQL zap that will insert a new row into a MySQL db simply by emailing your Zapier given email address.

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