Culture and Values at Zapier

Wade Foster
Wade Foster / June 28, 2017

We help people be more efficient at work. We want to help you focus on the work that matters and automate the work that's tedious.

Today we serve two million people. We hope to one day serve everyone at work.

To make that happen, though, we have to invest in each other and invest in our team—especially since we're a small, but fast-growing company. Our culture is the primary way we achieve our organizational goals. And the way we've defined the culture is through a shared set of common values that every team at Zapier uses to help them make decisions, interact with each other and our customers, and get work done.

The Zapier Team Values

1. Default to Action

We believe in getting things done. If you have a great idea for a project or see a problem that needs fixing, you don't wait around for permission. And you don't wait for perfection either. It's better to deliver something real today over something maybe better later. If you're unsure how to move forward, consider that you should spend as much time on a decision as it takes to undo it. The corollary to that is most decisions can be undone quickly. Most decisions are changeable. So when approaching a problem, it's taking that step now—not later—that's most important.

2. Default to Transparency

We're a distributed team across more than a dozen time zones, so it's important to make your work, processes, and systems available to everyone. We build our work on information we share with each other across the organization, from documents to team updates to chats. No matter who you are or what your role in the organization, you have access to the information you need to make good decisions on behalf of the organization.

3. Be Specific

Most companies have vague values, give ambiguous feedback to each other, communicate in buzzwords, or sell products using handy-wavy fluff. At Zapier, we try to get specific with our values, our feedback, and our communication. Being specific helps us take action on problems despite any ambiguity that might exist.

4. Empathy, No Ego

We strive to put together a great team at Zapier. All our teammates at Zapier are here because they're smart, skilled, and reliable. As a result, we trust one another and with that trust, there's no room for ego. So we walk a mile in our customer's and teammate's shoes when making decisions and we put our own self-interest second in any problems we solve.

5. Don't Be a Robot, Build the Robot

No matter your role, you'll find yourself doing repetitive, low-value work. In these situations, we strive to automate or systematize tasks by investing in tools and processes that lead to outsized impact. We strive to have individual team members at Zapier be more efficient than a comparable role at another similar type company—improving their own personal productivity and career while helping Zapier as a whole.