Plans & Pricing#

You can see the most up-to-date pricing information on our pricing page.

How Zapier's product and pricing scales with you#

Zapier's product and pricing accommodates you as your usage of the service grows.

Zapier offers a free version of the service which enables basic personal automation and a test bed for more complex business automation.

For business automation needs, we offer plans that scale based on how much you automate. Paid plans also include access to useful features like Multi-Step Zaps, downtime protection, and workflows that run more often.

As you learn about and automate more advanced workflows using Zapier, you'll likely want to invite your entire team to share in your productivity! For that, we have Team accounts.You can find more information on Team accounts here.

Pricing Terms#


A Zap is a specific link between the apps you've connected on Zapier. For example, you can create a Zap where you get SMS notifications on your Work mobile number if you have received a new email on your inbox:

Gmail to SMS Zap

Let's say you also wanted to get SMS notifications on your Personal mobile number? You would then create another Zap connecting your email account to this number:

two Zaps

You would now have two Zaps on your account.

Two-step Zap#

A Two-step Zap is comprised of one Trigger and one Action step. Using our Gmail to SMS Zap as an example:

Two step Zap

  1. Trigger - Gmail "New Email"
  2. Action - SMS by Zapier "Send SMS" action

As you can see on the screenshot, this Zap has one Trigger and one Action step making it a Two-step Zap. This Zap can be used under the Free plan.

A Zap with only 1 action step = Two-step Zap

Multi-step Zap#

A Multi-step Zap is comprised of one Trigger and multiple action steps.

Using the same Gmail to SMS Zap. Let's say you added another step in your Zap. You added a filter to only let certain emails with a specific Subject line to go through:

Multi-step Zap

  1. Trigger - Gmail "New Email"
  2. Action #1 - Filter
  3. Action #2 - SMS by Zapier "Send SMS"

As you can see on the screenshot, adding the filter adds another step on your Zap. This Zap has 1 Trigger and 2 Action steps making it a Multi-step Zap. This Zap can only be used if you are under one of Zapier's paid plans.

A Zap with 2 or more action steps = Multi-step Zap


Whenever your Zap successfully automates something, it's called a Task. For example, if you have a two-step Zap with one action step to send out an SMS, the automated SMS sent out is your Task.

For example:

Succesful Two-step zap

  1. SMS sent: success, would count as 1 Task

If you have a three-step Zap with two Action steps, then you'll use two Tasks each time the Zap successfully runs those actions. The number of Tasks per month you can use on your account is determined by your plan.

If you visit your Task History and click on a Task, you can see whether or not Tasks were automated successfully, and what data was passed between your apps.

For example:

How to count Tasks example

In the screenshot above, you can see four action steps (Tasks) from a recent Zap.

  1. Delay: success, counts as 1 Task

  2. Code: success, counts as 1 Task

  3. Filter: filtered, does not count as a Task, because the Zap was stopped by a filter.

  4. Code: not run, does not count as a Task, because the Zap never attempted to complete it.

  5. Search: success, counts as 1 Task; did not find a record/Halted, does not count as a Task.

Plan Limits#

Every plan has limits on what and how much you can automate. When you approach a usage limit on your plan, such as a task limit, we'll send you an alert, asking you to either upgrade to a higher plan, or adjust your usage. You can learn more about the limits of your current plan, and the limits of other available plans, on our pricing page.

Syncing Interval#

Your syncing interval is the frequency that your Zaps will check the trigger app for new data.

Currently this interval is either 5 minutes or 15 minutes depending on your plan. Your Zaps are only checking for new data when they are turned On.

Note: Zaps with an instant trigger will always be immediate, regardless of plan, because the trigger app pushes the data to us instead of us polling that app.

Premium Apps#

Premium apps can only be used on a paid plan, or during your free two-week trial period. You can build and test Zaps with Premium apps on the free plan, but not turn them on.

Zapier premium apps example

See a list of all premium services on the Zapbook.


Autoreplay is a premium feature (for the Professional and above plans) which enabled any of your failed tasks to automatically replay. You can read more about this feature here

You can manually replay tasks on any paid for plan.


On some plans you may be given unlimited access to Zapier features. By "Unlimited" we mean usage up to our maximum capacity that doesn't affect other users. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Billing & Invoicing#

Paid accounts are pre-paid, when you pay for your plan you are paying for the next billing period (month or year). To see and print an invoice for any billing month, go to your Invoices in User Settings.

Charges are always made in USD. If you have a card or bank account in non-USD currency, most of the time, your bank will automatically make the conversion.

Changing Plans#

Any change to your Zapier plan is immediate, and your usage does not reset when your plan changes. That means if you downgrade during your plan month, we might need to turn off Zaps that don't comply with your new plan (e.g. if the Zap is using a Premium app).

Canceling a Paid Account#

You are free to cancel, upgrade or downgrade at any time and Zapier only charges you for the number of days that you are on any paid plan.

To cancel a paid account, go to your plans page and downgrade to the Free plan.

If you don't see the Free Plan right away, use the "View More Plans" arrow button here:

(Depending on what plan you're on, you may have to click this several times)

Then under the plan listing, click the "Downgrade Plan" button:

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the downgrade.

When you cancel your paid account, any unused time in that billing month will remain on your account and applied if you re-join a paid plan.

For example, if you are on the Starter plan ($20) and downgrade to the Free plan 15 days into the billing month, then re-join the Starter plan 3 months later, you'll only be charged $10 at that time because the remaining $10 of unused credit will be applied.

If you'd rather get that refunded, email us from and we'll get that back to you right away.

Deleting your account#

Instructions for doing this are here.