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How GPT-3 and Zapier helped a contractor with dyslexia write professional emails

"You literally just connect Zapier to your OpenAI account. Then you put in your prompts and it does all the work for you."

—Danny Richman, Owner and Digital Business Consultant at Richman SEO Training

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Error-free emails in minutes

Error-free emails in minutes

AI-generated emails allow a business owner with dyslexia to respond professionally and politely to clients in a timely manner.

Landing largest contracts to date

Landing largest contracts to date

With the assistance of professional communication, Richman's mentee signed his largest contract (a whopping $200,000) since starting the business.

Developing personal writing skills

Developing personal writing skills

Above all, Richman’s mentee has been able to develop his own writing skills over time and rely on the bot less and less.

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AI and automation build a business and an owner’s confidence


Richman’s mentee was starting a pool installation business but struggled to write grammatically correct, formal emails to his prospective and current clients. Unclear communications impacted those relationships and the growth of his business.


By connecting Gmail and GPT-3 with Zapier, Richman created a tool which allows his mentee to send an email to GPT-3, which generates an email response with a grammatically correct, professional version of his original email.


With this tool, the client can respond to business inquiries in a timely manner while feeling confident about his communication. With it, he's signed his largest contract yet ($200,000) and improved his writing skills over time.

"[My mentee's] written English and grammar have improved so much lately just from observing the examples that have come through the app. And so, that's really positive. [The Zap isn't] just solving a problem—he's really learning from it."

Danny Richman

Owner and Digital Business Consultant at Richman SEO Training

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