How Real Teams Automate Together with Zapier for Teams

Joey Blanco
Joey Blanco / Published October 31, 2017

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How the Hotjar Team Creates Databases Automatically with Zapier + HubSpot

A photo of the Hotjar team posing for a photo outside

"Being able to bring other team leaders into Zapier has been a big benefit. For non-technical teams, it makes a lot of ideas for efficiency possible."
- Nick Heim, Director of Marketing, Hotjar

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How Lucidcharts Auto-Populates Zendesk and Salesforce with Valuable Data

A photo of the Lucidchart Team

"Instead of spending hours and hours engineering a Salesforce sync to pull reports manually, we're able to automate this and spend more time on highly strategic initiatives."
- Micaela Wright, Associate Digital Marketing Manager, Lucidchart

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Why the Team at Indiegogo Trusts Typeform + Zapier for Contact Management

A photo of the Indiegogo team and their dogs

"Zapier has been crucial in helping us scale processes as we grow."
- Garrett Grohman, Director of Inside Sales, Indiegogo

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Building the Mode Analytics Machine: How this Team Automates Lead Collection

The Mode Analytics team sharing a meal

"Zapier saves us time by reducing the amount of importing and exporting we have to do."
- Alexa Guerra, Senior Demand Generation Manager, Mode Analytics

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Automated Analysis: How Customer IO Minimized Data Entry with Zapier

A photo of the Customer io team working together

"By using this model, we can almost always use one Zap per channel to handle all the inbound traffic coming from each point solution."
- Bill Miksich, Director of Demand Generation,

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How a San Francisco Non-profit Sends More Students to College with Airtable and Zapier

ScholarMatch volunteers

"Zapier makes our team more productive by automating information flow in processes that involve more than one person."
- Courtney Lee, Evaluation, Operations, and Research Associate, ScholarMatch

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How Streak Uses Zapier to Enrich Support Requests with Extra Info

The Streak team posing for a silly team photo

"We work on a variety of processes collaboratively and Zapier is part of our daily flow here at Streak."
- Andrew Stewart, Growth and Customer Support, Streak

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Efficient Design: How the InVision Team Uses Zapier to Save 10 Hours of Work a Week

Lindsey Redinger of InVision working at her desk

"Zapier probably saves me about 10 hours a week when it comes to running our design operations."
- Lindsey Redinger, Manager of User Research & Ops, InVision

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Build a Better Connection: How Intercom's Product Education Team Collaborates with Support

The Intercom team paying close attention at a company-wide presentation.

"Zapier has helped our Product Education team keep in sync with each other and our Customer Support team."
- Zara Burke, Product Education, Intercom

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