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Articles tagged "Marketing"

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A hero image with a photograph of a woman looking at a graph on a computer screen

What is a whitepaper?

How to write a whitepaper—and what you can expect it to do for your business.

By Margot Howard

8 min read

Hero image with an icon of three vertical lines

By Melissa King

9 min read

Hero image for a Zapier tutorial with the Shopify and Mailchimp logos connected by dots

By Tyler Robertson

4 min read

Hero image with an icon of an envelope (email)

By Amanda Pell

14 min read

Hero image for Notion app tips with the Notion logo on a gray background

By Nicola Scoon

7 min read

ClickFunnels' logo connected to the Facebook, Google Sheets, and Slack logos by a solid line on a light orange background.

6 ways to automate ClickFunnels

When you pair ClickFunnels with Zapier, you can streamline your post-sales processes so you can provide the best customer experience from start to finish.

By Kaylee Moser

4 min read

Introducing Marketing Ops Appreciation Day

Nominate yourself or your coworkers for the first-ever Marketing Ops Awards.

By Zapier Editorial Team

1 min read

Hero image with an icon of a brain with various nodes

How marketers can use anchor bias to build their brand

Working in content marketing for the past five years has shown me there's one thing customers want to know about your brand: why you? 

By Eva Gutierrez

6 min read

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