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RoverPass Saves 6 Hours Every Week with Automatic Slack Notifications

By Joey Blanco · November 27, 2017
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Keeping your team informed can feel like an uphill battle. Do you email each new opportunity to a sales rep? What happens when a payment fails? Who talks to partners? The amount of items to share doesn't end, either. Creating the perfect workflow to notify your team is a bit like finding the perfect campsite. You know it exists, you just need to sift through a lot of sludge to get there.

Clearing the way through the overgrowth is RoverPass. You input your destination and RoverPass finds you RV parks and campsites. You can even request reservations directly through RoverPass so you don't have to track down each destination's email or phone number.

RoverPass simplifies the search and reservation process for campers and RVers. Less time spent finding a destination means more time on an adventure. To match the efficiency they bring to campers, RoverPass uses app automation tool Zapier to send team messages through Slack.

Zapier is insanely effective at connecting independently useful apps and boosting internal efficiency.

Davina Bruno Adcock, Marketing and Content Manager, RoverPass

With a few key Zaps—bridges between two or more apps—RoverPass automates their notifications and keeps their team in-the-know. "Using Zapier has helped connect apps like Slack, Wufoo, and ScheduleOnce," Davina Bruno Adcock, Marketing and Content Manager at RoverPass, says. These apps don't natively connect with each other but with RoverPass's Zaps, it's as easy as booking a campsite.

Send Slack Notifications Automatically

Over 20,000 campsites and RV parks have a listing on RoverPass. Each of those destinations has multiple reservable sites. At any given time, hundreds of campers are on RoverPass to book, cancel, or pay for reservations. That's not even counting the parks' owners who claim their sites, too.

Tracking all that by hand would be a surefire path to insanity. In place of driving their employees to the brink, RoverPass built several Zaps to manage it all. When an RV park or campsite contacts RoverPass to claim their site's page, they respond through Wufoo. Zapier takes the relevant information from the form and sends it to Slack. This helps the sales team prioritize their responses to site owners.

You can use this Zap to stay focused on your daily tasks. No need to keep an eye on Wufoo for responses—once they arrive, Zapier will ping you in Slack.

Not everyone pays on time or with an accurate payment method. If a payment fails, suddenly you need to track down the payer and reach out to them. By pairing Stripe with Slack, RoverPass knows the moment a payment completes—and whether it's successful or fails.

Zapier sends the payer's information to Slack, too. In case of a bad payment, RoverPass has the information they need at their fingertips.

All too often, life happens and cancels an adventure. You can get notifications for these changes too.

For example, when ScheduleOnce receives a cancellation request, Zapier sends the RoverPass sales team a message in Slack. They can reach out to the customer to try and reschedule their booking for a later date or a different location.

With the customer's information sent to Slack, the sales team doesn't have to dig for phone numbers or emails.

These Zaps—and many more—save the RoverPass team six hours each week, according to Davina. With that extra time, customers and RV park owners receive more attention and better features.

"We can now spend significantly more time developing useful, engaging content instead of focusing on manually creating workflows, Davina says. RoverPass might not have found El Dorado just yet, but their efficiency is just as valuable.

All images courtesy of RoverPass.

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Joey Blanco

Joey Blanco is the founder of Zapier's video team. When he's not working (and even when he is, let's be honest), he's listening to pop-punk, dreaming of dinosaurs, and snuggling his dogs.

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