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Kommunicate: App spotlight

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Kommunicate: App spotlight

How this app makes relationship building (almost) effortless

By Hannah Herman · June 29, 2021
Kommunicate app logo on a purple background

Ever wish you could bring the power of chatbots to your customer support? Ready to embrace your new bot overlords—err, colleagues?

If so, Kommunicate might just be the app for you. As a human and bot hybrid software, Kommunicate lets you bring the best of both to your customer support—so you can build long-lasting relationships that drive growth.

Kommunicate's origins: From in-app messaging to bot-enhanced support

Over five years ago, a company called Intentive created an in-app messaging tool for businesses that wanted to meet their customers where they are. Out of that project grew Kommunicate, a holistic customer support platform that harnesses the power of bots and pairs them with a distinctly human touch. A lean team of 30+ hard-working engineers, designers, marketers, and sales superstars, Kommunicate is based in Bangalore.

Did you know? Kommunicate's parent company, Intentive, has empowered over 1,000 companies with in-app messaging tools.

Kommunicate today: Empowering top-notch customer support teams

Kommunicate extends Intentive's original offering beyond just in-app messaging. It offers a robust suite of tools and features for building and maintaining customer relationships, including AI-powered chatbots, rich messaging templates, lead collection, automatic conversation routing, and customer satisfaction tracking.

Feature fave: With Kommunicate's Quick Replies feature, you can set up instant responses for common customer questions for faster response times! 

Automation: Popular Kommunicate workflows

Best of all, Zapier can connect Kommunicate to the other apps you use every day so you can automate your customer support workflows. Here are a few popular workflows to get you started:

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Hannah Herman

Hannah Herman is a copywriter and native New Yorker. She's written extensively on automation, but her real jam is creative, catchy taglines. When she's not writing, she's probably walking around the city and trying to look at her phone less.

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