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Justin Pot
Justin Pot / Published May 4, 2020

"Twitter reacts" is an entire genre of news articles. If you're active on Twitter you've probably been featured in one, whether you realize it or not.

A recently-viral tweet pointed out that you can use Google News to find out. It's fun! My co-worker Andrew discovered he was quoted in a Hollywood Reporter article about Left Shark back in 2015.

Just search for your Twitter handle in Google News

I, meanwhile, was mentioned in a 2016 Dutch language Business Insider language article about the Mac battery indicator, which is extremely on-brand for me.

It's neat, but it would be more fun to find out about these mentions when they happen, if only so you could tweet incredulously about it. Happily, Google also makes it easy to get realtime notifications—just head to Google Alerts and search for your Twitter username.

Search for your Twitter handle in Google Alerts

By default you'll get an email anytime your Twitter handle shows up in a news article. If you don't want these notifications in your inbox, you can opt to use an RSS feed instead.

You can get an RSS feed instead of email notifications, if you want

Note that, to see the RSS option, you have to disable the Digest feature. Head to the Google Alerts homepage, click the gear icon, then uncheck the Digest option.

Turn off Digest to enable the RSS feature in Google Alerts

You can follow this feed using an RSS reader, of course. Or you can use it to send notifications to other applications using automated workflows we call Zaps.

For example, you can share new mentions to a channel in Slack.

You can also compile these mentions in a spreadsheet.

Or, if you want to make sure you actually read every article you're mentioned in, you can save them to a bookmarking app like Pocket or Instapaper.

These are just a few possibilities. Check out our RSS integrations to learn about more.

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