How Digital Marketers Stay On Top of New Leads with Automated Emails

Joey Blanco
Joey Blanco / Published December 8, 2017

How do you manage your new leads? Are you checking in on Facebook Lead Ads once every hour or two? Maybe you're exporting a list of new leads at the end of each day and following up the next.

That sure seems like a lot of manual and monotonous work. Not to mention the delay between a lead entering their information and your response. Instead, try automating your lead workflow. Automated workflows will remove the manual work so you aren't copying and pasting leads into a spreadsheet or customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

Take a look at how two digital marketing firms make sure they contact their leads quickly using Facebook Lead Ads with app automation tool Zapier).

Add New Leads to MailChimp and Build a Leads Database

Monitoring mentions of your brand on social media—let alone across the internet—is a full-time job in and of itself. Keeping on eye on your competitors, too? You can spend every hour of every workday tracking new mentions and still miss some. Social Strategy1 does the digging for you, analyzing websites and social media channels for mentions of your brand, products, competitors, and more. They collect all this data and find ways for you to better engage with your audience, increase ROI, and find new opportunities.

Social Strategy1 uses Facebook Lead Ads for themselves and their clients. With Facebook Lead Ads, potential clients can instantly contact you or sign up for a newsletter without leaving the social network. For their own leads, Social Strategy1 built a simple, powerful Zap—a bridge between two or more apps—which automatically adds their new Facebook leads to an email list in MailChimp. Once the leads are in MailChimp, Social Strategy1 sends off a welcome email to the new leads, introducing them to Social Strategy1.

For their clients, Social Strategy1 has a plethora of Zaps running, depending on each client's needs. But one Zap that tends to pop up again and again takes leads and sends them to Google Sheets. This Zap creates a leads database for Social Strategy1's clients that updates constantly, giving clients instant access to their new leads.

Notify Your Sales Team of New Leads as They Arrive

Waiting for new leads to roll in is a bit more exciting than watching bread toast, but it's still a waste of valuable time. Instead of checking in on their Facebook Lead Ads several times a day, creative digital agency New Meta decided to automate the hunt for leads.

As new leads generate in Facebook Lead Ads, a Zap is triggered, creating a new lead in CRM platform Infusionsoft. Then, Zapier sends an email to one of New Meta's sales reps with Email by Zapier.

Just like that, New Meta took a tedious, time-consuming, manual task and automated it, giving them more time to focus on their clients.

Facebook Lead Ads paired with automation software means your leads will have faster responses and your sales rep will be more efficient. To see how other industries use Facebook Lead Ads, read about real estate agents and eCommerce companies and find the Zaps that work for you.

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