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Steal This Workflow: eCommerce Businesses Leverage Facebook Lead Ads to Connect with Customers

Joey Blanco
Joey Blanco / December 6, 2017

For any business, finding the right audience on social media isn't a simple task, let alone convincing said audience to click to your website, make a purchase, or sign up for a newsletter. But with Facebook Lead Ads, you'll advertise to folks already interested in your product, newsletter, or service—from within the social network they're already spending time in,

In part two of our series on Facebook Lead Ads, we're checking in with four eCommerce businesses to see how they utilize app automation tool Zapier with Facebook's homegrown lead ads to automatically keep in touch with new customers.

eCommerce Businesses Use Facebook Lead Ads to Stay In Touch

Quick and clear customer communication is an essential component of eCommerce; it builds loyalty in shoppers and establishes an online store's personality and brand. With Facebook Lead Ads and Zapier, eCommerce businesses have instant access to engaged customers, potential shoppers, and the curious web surfer.

We spoke with several different eCommerce companies, all in different industries, to see how they're connecting with new leads.

Use Marketing Automation to Follow Up with Leads

If you've been responsible for a marketing or sales campaign, you know that collecting the data to measure success can be as tedious as herding cats. Leads live in one system, email sign ups in another, downloads somewhere else.

Exporting new leads, sign ups,or downloads—and then uploading them to different systems—eats into productivity, and unless you wait until the end of the campaign, there's a good chance duplicate information might wind up in your CRM.

Cave Tools, crafters of barbeque and cooking tools, waited until they found Zapier before implementing Facebook Lead Ads:

"We didn't use Facebook Lead Ads until we found an automation solution like Zapier," explains Costin Geletu, Paid Traffic Manager at Cave Tools. "Now, it's a set-it-and-forget-it timesaver. Definitely a must have in any business."

Cave Tools pairs Facebook Lead Ads with email marketing software ActiveCampaign in a Zap—a bridge between two or more apps. As new leads come in from Facebook, Zapier adds those leads as new contacts in ActiveCampaign, priming them for a targeted, intelligent marketing strategy.

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