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How a Small Online Company Went From Manual Processes to an Automated, Turnkey Operation

Speed Up Your Customer Contact and Shipping with These Workflows

By Joey Blanco · September 19, 2017
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Finding the right engagement ring can test the calmest and most poised among us. You might have a partner who's picked out a specific ring or style. Maybe they, like you, have no idea what they want. Or maybe they want something a little more personal and one-of-a-kind.

Taylor and Hart caters to every engagement ring shopper, but custom rings are their specialty. Customized rings make up the foundation of Taylor and Hart since the business was launched in 2013 (then known as Rare Pink).

The custom design process starts with you and a Taylor and Hart consultant. The consultant works one-on-one with you to find your style, the gemstones, and even current trends that might appeal to you. The consultant works up a quote for your design and sends that your way. From there, you find the center stone for the ring, the consultant sends a design mock-up, and you place your order.

An inside look at Taylor and Hart

It's a streamlined process that makes finding the perfect engagement ring easy for buyers—no more quests to multiple jewelry stores, hunting for the ring. Instead, you design the perfect ring. Each step of the sales and order process runs like a well-oiled machine, thanks to automation.

Efficiently Communicate with Customers with HubSpot, Salesforce, and Slack

To notify consultants of new appointments, monitor emailed quotes, and create design requests, the Taylor and Hart team turned to app automation tool Zapier to connect their various systems.

"I see our entire business as a process that connects departments and separate systems," Taylor and Hart CEO Nikolay Piriankov explains. "Not all of these departments and systems connect seamlessly, but through our various Zaps, we quickly bridge those gaps."

The Zaps—a bridge between two or more apps—start at the beginning of the process: Requesting a consultation. When customers fill out a simple contact form, their information is pulled into Salesforce and creates a new opportunity, which is a sale or pending sale you want to track.

That new opportunity triggers Zapier to send a notification in Slack to the Taylor and Hart consultant team, providing the customer's name, preferred meeting time, and a simple request to confirm the date and time with the customer.

Get Slack notifications for new Salesforce opportunities

Get Slack notifications for new Salesforce opportunities
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Salesforce + Slack

Once the consultant meets with the customer and talks through styles, stones, and more, they work up a quote and email the customer. Through marketing tool HubSpot, Taylor and Hart is able to see when the quote email is opened.


When the email is read, another two Zaps go to work: First, Zapier updates the customer's Salesforce custom object to include that the quote has been viewed. The next Zap also triggers off HubSpot but sends a message in Slack, notifying the consultant that quote has been received and opened.

It's at this stage that Taylor and Hart loop in their designers. Once the customer accepts the quote and chooses a diamond or gemstone for the centerpiece, a designer puts all the custom elements together for the consultant to show off. Customers can even have the design amended three times to make sure the ring is everything they want.

A Zap connects the consultants and customers with the designers. When new design tasks are created in Salesforce, Zapier sends out a notification to Slack, letting the designers know there's a new project.

With their custom engagement rings, Taylor and Hart strives to take the stress out of such an important decision and replace it with a personal touch. Thanks to a few Zaps, Taylor and Hart's consultants and designers know when they need to take action.

"It's funny," Nikolay says. "We use Zapier so much that one of my team members made a Zapier-related joke and I was amused and impressed: It validated that our company culture was embracing my vision to make our business into a turnkey operation, and Zapier plays a key role in achieving this."

All images courtesy of Taylor and Hart.

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