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How to connect Facebook and Twitter for seamless social posting

By Kaylee Moser · May 24, 2021
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Posting on social media can be a time-consuming activity. It's important to reach your audience where they spend time socializing online, but manually creating a post for each different platform gets tedious. At one time, Facebook and Twitter were able to be connected in-app, but that functionality is no longer available. Fortunately, Zapier is there to fill the gap and automate your social posting so you never have to create more than one post.

Crossposting between Twitter and Facebook saves time and expands your reach

Both Facebook and Twitter have massive audiences and while there is plenty of overlap, the markets are different.



Many people who have both a Facebook and Twitter account may only check one account per day. The best way to ensure your message reaches your intended audience is to meet them on their preferred platform. With Zapier, it's possible to share posts and Tweets between social media platforms without doing any extra work.

Let's cover a little terminology before we jump into the different types of connections that are possible:

  • Facebook Profile: A profile for an individual

  • Facebook Page: A public profile for a business, organization, or entity to share information with followers

  • Facebook Group: A page aimed at group communication on a specific topic, interest, cause, or activity

You can use Zapier to create automated connections between other apps and Facebook Pages or Facebook Groups. Facebook profile pages are not on the Zapier platform.

Learn more about the differences between Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups.

Share posts between Twitter and Facebook Pages using Zapier

Zapier makes automating work easy by connecting apps to work seamlessly together without any coding effort on your part. To get started, sign up for an account and click Make a Zap to start building your first Facebook and Twitter crossposting Zap.

Share Tweets to your Facebook Page

Twitter is the perfect platform for doling out bite-sized content to followers. Tweets are character-limited—so they're short, sweet, and to-the-point—and easily shareable with retweeting. With Zapier, it's now possible to automatically share your tweets to your Facebook Page so that all of your Facebook followers can stay in the loop, without needing to have a Twitter.

Share Facebook Posts as Tweets

If you prefer to primarily use Facebook, you can keep your Twitter followers engaged by turning your Facebook Page posts into Tweets.

Other ways to connect Twitter and Facebook

While sharing posts between Twitter and Facebook might be the main functionality of this kind of integration, there's so much more social posting automation available that can help keep your audience engaged.

Shout out Twitter followers on your Facebook Page

An easy way to keep your followers happy is to give them small, individualized shoutouts and attention. With Zapier, it's easy to create an automation that will create a Facebook Post to shout out any new Twitter follower.

Share other Twitter user's Tweets to your Facebook Page

If your organization has multiple related Twitter accounts that might be of interest to your Facebook Page—for instance the Facebook Page for a popular TV show might want to share Tweets from their own Twitter account and the accounts of the actors—it's easy to use Zapier to share those Tweets to Facebook. You can add as many of these crossposting integrations as you want, just set up a new Zap for each Twitter user.

Post Tweet mentions to Facebook Page

No longer will conversations about your organization need to be siloed on different social platforms. With this Zapier integration, it's possible to automatically create a Facebook Page post out of any tweets that mention your specific search terms. Search terms can be as simple as your Twitter handle, or any other words that are related to your organization.

Connecting Twitter with Facebook Groups

So far, all of these integrations have been for Facebook Pages, but it is also possible to integrate Twitter and Facebook Groups using Zapier. There are a few key differences to integrating Facebook Groups:

  • You must be an administrator for the Facebook Group for the integration to work

  • You must update the Facebook Group's permissions (under Settings) to allow the Zapier App to connect

With Facebook Groups, it's possible to connect Facebook and Twitter with any of the Zaps mentioned above (using Facebook Groups instead of Facebook Pages). Additionally, you can also create a tweet based on a new event from your Facebook Group.

Use the dropdown menus on this page to get started. Simply select the trigger event you'd like to start your Zap and the action you'd like Zapier to perform for you.

A screenshot of the two-service page for Twitter and Facebook Groups. It reads "Connect Twitter + Facebook Groups in Minutes" and has dropdown menus to select triggers and actions to help you create a Zap.

Post more with less effort using automation

Facebook and Twitter are both popular platforms where users engage with organizations every day. The best way to keep your audience interested is to post as much as you can on the platforms where they spend the most time.

Thanks to Zapier, you no longer have to waste time creating posts and tweets separately. With one click, your content can be spread across Facebook and Twitter.

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Kaylee Moser

Kaylee Moser is a freelance writer living in the Sierra Foothills of California. When she’s not writing, she’s either gardening, collaging, or playing with her dog.


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