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Automate your corporate giving with B1G1

By Will Harris · May 15, 2023
The hero image for a blog post about automating giving with B1G1.

You don't need to believe in karma to understand that giving back is good for businesses. Not only does it promote brand loyalty, but there are also internal benefits, like more happy and engaged employees. On top of that, you're doing tangible good in the world by donating to important causes.

However, organizing these efforts can take too much time and effort for small and mid-sized businesses already strapped for resources. Figuring out what causes to give toward, how much to donate, and the logistics of actually donating is no small feat, and it takes away valuable time from employees who are already low on bandwidth.

B1G1 helps with this problem. A corporate giving platform, B1G1 helps businesses make donating part of their day-to-day operations. And when you connect B1G1 with Zapier, donating gets even easier.

You can create a simple Zap—our word for Zapier's automated workflow—to automatically make a donation every time your company receives an online purchase or generates an invoice. That way, you can give back without burdening your employees.

The challenge: Traditionally, managing corporate donations can be difficult and time-consuming—especially for small businesses. If you wanted to make a donation every time you received a paid invoice, you'd need to count them all at the end of the month, then make the corresponding payment.

The solution: Automatically make donations to the cause of your choice every time your business receives a paid invoice. If you use Xero to manage your accounting, this Zap will make your donation through B1G1 for every paid invoice you receive, eliminating the need to count them all at the end of the month.

A visual overview of an automated workflow that makes new donations in B1G1 for every new invoice in Xero.

Ready to try it yourself? First, you'll need to create a B1G1 account. Then, click the Zap template—our word for pre-made workflows—below, and we'll guide you through the setup process.

Add Giving Stories to Cart in B1G1 for paid Xero invoices

Add Giving Stories to Cart in B1G1 for paid Xero invoices
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Xero + B1G1

Zap difficulty: Beginner

Top tip: We used paid invoices with Xero as an example of a business trigger, but you can make it anything your business regularly does. If you want to make a donation every time you receive a payment in Stripe or get a response from a Typeform, you can do that too. 

With thousands of apps to choose from, pairing B1G1 with Zapier makes it easy to pick a business activity and automate your giving.

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