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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated February 27, 2018

Forms aren't just a way to gather data—they're often the start of an entire workflow for your business. And with WizeHive's Zengine, you can get it all done from one place. It's a database tool designed for helping your team build out processes for scholarships, grants, awards, and more.

It starts out with a form, which you'll use to add data to your app. Just drag-and-drop text, number, date and other fields into your form, and arrange them in the order you want. Say you're building a project management app. You'll add a project name, description field, perhaps a drop-down field for the project's category, a date field for its due date, and a number field for the expected time the project will take. You can customize each field—perhaps limiting your number field to 2 digits so projects can't take more than 99 days, or adding a validation to watch for specific values.

With that done, you'll see your app's interface, which at first is just a blank screen with a tab for your new form's data. Add a form entry, filling in every field, and then you'll see the entry in a spreadsheet-like row with the fields you need to see front and center. You can then select an item you've added to your app to view or edit it. There, you'll notice a new sidebar that lists connected entries from other forms, related events and tasks, and a list of everything that's happened to this item to see old changes.

The connected entries gives you an easy way to link your form entries and make your application more powerful. Say your project management tool also needs to show project milestones. You could make a new form to fill in milestone info, and include an option to link milestones to projects. Then, when you're looking at a project, you'll see the relevant milestones you should be working towards.

The tasks and dates sidebar sections give you an extra way to manage your data across apps. As you build apps for your team, it'd be easy for stuff to get lost in one app if you spend more time in another. Zengine includes a global dashboard that shows a list of all of your apps, along with the tasks, events, and updates from all of your applications in one place. Or, in each app, you can see just the tasks and events for that application, to drill down and see tasks attached to every item.

Need a way to find stuff in your app easier? Just drag a column to the top of your Zengine app view, and it'll sort and filter the data based on that item. You can build your own more advanced filters to show specific items, or use the Plugin Marketplace to add extra tools to your Zengine account. There's kanban board views, approval workflows, automated email tools, and much more to make your apps as powerful and customized as you need.

Sometimes, there's no pre-made app that fits your needs perfectly. With Wizehive, you can often get pre-made process-ready forms to fit what you need—or with Zengine, you can instead build an app that works just like you need, with little more work than making a form.

Originally published June 13, 2016

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Zengine Features

  • Create HIPAA compliant databases starting with a template or form builder
  • Manage tasks and events across all databases
  • Create a form manually or by importing spreadsheet data
  • Drag field names to group by that column
  • Add extra features with Plugin Marketplace

Zengine Pricing

Custom pricing available upon request

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Zengine is a cloud-based platform that empowers a non-technical person to quickly build custom business applications. Zengine can be used to track customers, job candidates, projects or more and replaces paper processes, outgrown spreadsheets, or generic software products.

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