Tallyfy Integrations

  • Launch Tallyfy processes for new events matching a search in Google Calendar

    For many important meetings (such as client meetings) - you need to prepare to make sure the meeting will be a success. Use Tallyfy blueprints to ensure that you go through the right process in your team to prep for it. This gives you the highest chance of making the meeting a success.

    Note: This Zapier integration launches a process with a fixed blueprint on Tallyfy, when some fixed text is present in your Google Calendar event description

    How this Google Calendar - Tallyfy integration works

    1. You create a Google Calendar event with #prep-required in the event description.
    2. Tallyfy launches a process, using the blueprint you specify.

    Apps involved

    • Google Calendar
    • Tallyfy
  • Create tasks in Tallyfy when messages are posted to a Slack Channel

    Slack is great for chat. It's not that great when there's actual actions to be done in your chat. This simple integration will watch for some text on a Slack message like #tallyfy and create a one-off task in Tallyfy. You can feel safe in the knowledge that no important to-do will just slip into a giant mess of chat on Slack.

    Note: this integration needs you to specify which channel on Slack to watch

    How this Tallyfy - Slack integration works

    1. Listen for some special text on a Slack message
    2. When that text is found - create a new task in Tallyfy, using the message as a task title

    Apps involved

    • Slack
    • Tallyfy
  • Launch Tallyfy processes when Typeform entries are submitted

    When you submit a form, it doesn't just end there. You need to handle the next steps after submission - like doing a bunch of steps, running through an approval workflow, etc. Most form apps lack this functionality. This integration lets you launch a Tallyfy process to do all the steps necessary after a form is submitted. Go from submit-and-pray to submit-and-track with Tallyfy!

    Note: this integration also lets you pipe through values in the form through to Tallyfy kick off fields

    How this Tallyfy - Typeform integration works

    1. A form is submitted on Typeform
    2. The process after submission is launched on Tallyfy

    Apps involved

    • Typeform
    • Tallyfy
  • Start Tallyfy processes when email comes in matching search criteria

    People get tons of email. Most of the time, emails are fairly routine-e.g. approval requests, workflows, etc- that have to go through a pre-set system. This integration lets you watch incoming emails in your Gmail, and when a search criterion is matched (like the subject contains "Request proposal"), it automatically starts a Tallyfy process using a specific blueprint (like "Send sales proposal").

    How this Gmail - Tallyfy integration works

    1. An email comes in to your Gmail matching some search criteria (which you specify).
    2. Tallyfy starts a process automatically.

    Apps involved

    • Gmail
    • Tallyfy
  • Launch processes on Tallyfy when new rows are added to Google Sheets

    If you collect data as rows on a Google Sheet, you often have to run a repeatable process or approval workflow after the row has been added. This integration does exactly that - it launches a Tallyfy process when a new row is added or updated to a Google Sheet.

    Note: You can also pipe in the values in the columns on your new row into Tallyfy - as kick off fields!

    How this Google Sheet - Tallyfy integration works

    1. A new row is added to a Google Sheet.
    2. Launch process on Tallyfy.

    Apps involved

    • Google Sheets
    • Tallyfy
  • Start processes on Tallyfy when new leads are entered in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Acting consistently and quickly is how you win leads. When a new lead enters your Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this integration will run your Tallyfy pre-sales process. This way, you can be sure that the right task is done quickly and consistently, every time you get a lead. Without a consistent sales process - it's difficult to make your sales growth faster and more predictable.

    Note: You can also pipe in lead information from your CRM into Tallyfy kick off fields

    How this Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Tallyfy integration works

    1. New lead is created on Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    2. A specific process is launched on Tallyfy.

    Apps involved

    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    • Tallyfy
  • Start Tallyfy process when an email in Outlook arrives matching specific search criteria

    People in companies of all sizes get tons of email. Most of the time, emails are fairly routine-e.g. approval requests, workflows, etc - which have to go through a pre-set business process. This integration lets you watch incoming emails in your Outlook, and when a given search criteria is matched (like the subject contains "Request proposal"), it automatically launches a Tallyfy process using a specific blueprint (like "Send sales proposal").

    How this Outlook - Tallyfy integration works

    1. An email comes in to your Outlook matching some search criteria (which you specify).
    2. Tallyfy launches a process automatically.

    Apps involved

    • Outlook on Office365
    • Tallyfy
  • Start processes in Tallyfy from new leads in Salesforce

    Handling leads consistently and on-time is a critical part of growing revenue. Don't leave anything to chance with this integration - which launches your custom process on Tallyfy as soon as a new lead is created on Salesforce. Everyone then knows who is doing what, and when, ensuring you can close more leads into revenue.

    How this Salesforce - Tallyfy integration works

    1. A new lead arrives in Salesforce
    2. A process launches on Tallyfy using your custom blueprint

    Apps involved

    • Salesforce
    • Tallyfy
  • Start processes in Tallyfy from opportunity status changes in Salesforce

    Onboarding clients is often more important than the sale itself. Any bad first impressions or disorganization means that the client/customer will be more likely to cancel their renewal with you - or even worse - never buy from you again. Tallyfy enables you to create a custom client onboarding process which you can even share with your client. As soon as you mark an opportunity "won" in Salesforce, launch your client onboarding Tallyfy process, so that nothing is left to chance.

    Note: You will need to watch the right opportunity stage change in Salesforce to ensure whatever corresponds to "won client" at your end is meaningful on Salesforce as well.

    How this Salesforce - Tallyfy integration works

    1. When an opportunity moves to a certain state on Salesforce e.g. "Won client"
    2. Launch your client onboarding process on Tallyfy

    Apps involved

    • Salesforce
    • Tallyfy
  • Start Tallyfy processes when Google Forms are submitted

    Everyone knows that submitting a form is just the beginning. A form is filled out for a reason, something has to happen next. This integration enables you to catch a form submission on Google Forms and launch a custom business process on Tallyfy. This solves a huge pain for anyone using forms; ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

    How this Google Forms - Tallyfy integration works

    1. Someone submits your Google Form
    2. Zapier launches a Tallyfy process - passing through the data entered on the form

    Apps involved

    • Google Forms
    • Tallyfy
  • Launch processes in Tallyfy on a recurring schedule

    There's a ton of processes that must be done properly on a recurring schedule - every day, every week, every month, etc. Most business operations run via reliable recurring processes that are done correctly, by the right people, on time. With this integration, you can setup a recurring schedule that launches a Tallyfy process on any schedule you specify.

    How this Schedule by Zapier - Tallyfy integration works

    1. Set a recurring schedule
    2. Launch a process in Tallyfy - on the scheduled frequency you have set

    Apps involved

    • Schedule by Zapier
    • Tallyfy
  • When you win deals in Hubspot CRM, launch processes on Tallyfy

    You don't really want to sell a customer or client something, and then follow-through with service that sucks! That customer will feel like they made a mistake trusting you, and you will never win them back. First impressions are everything. With this integration, when an opportunity closes on HubSpot, automatically start your client on-boarding process on Tallyfy to ensure everything is done right, on time - every time. Don't lose customers by missing deadlines or dropping the ball on critical tasks after the sale.

  • When someone submits Wufoo forms, launch processes on Tallyfy

    Handle every form submission like a boss with this integration. Say goodbye to dropping the ball after a Wufoo form is submitted. With this integration, whenever someone submits a Wufoo form, you'll launch a process in Tallyfy. You will never miss a task again.

  • When AirTable forms get submitted, start Tallyfy processes

    Use this simple integration to start Tallyfy processes when Airtable forms are submitted. Never let anything slip through the cracks again!

  • When a someone submits forms on Hubspot, launch your processes on Tallyfy

    You can stop your important form submission getting forgotten and dying in Hubspot, with this awesome integration. You can make sure the right people, do the right task, at the right time. Whenever someone submits a HubSpot form, Zapier will launch a process in Tallyfy automatically.

  • Launch processes on Tallyfy when Calendly appointments are booked

    Not preparing for important calls or appointments is the #1 most critical mistake you can make. With this integration, you can set a custom Tallyfy process to launch whenever a Calendly appointment is scheduled. This way forgetting something is difficult, giving you the best chance to shine, close deals, impress and generally be awesome!

    Note - create your blueprint on Tallyfy first i.e. the actual process you want to do whenever an appointment is booked on Calendly.

  • Launch custom processes on Tallyfy when you upload a file to a folder in Google Drive

    Files are just files. It's the work you do on the files that brings you success and revenue. Imagine uploading a photo into a Google Drive folder - and automatically launching a process to re-touch and process the photo, like magic. That's what this integration does. It's awesome. Set up any folder you want to "watch" on Google Drive and every time a file is uploaded to that folder, a custom process (you define it) launches on Tallyfy!

    Note - please set up your blueprint on Tallyfy first.

  • Launch Tallyfy processes when you create new documents in Google Drive

    If you use Tallyfy to manage processes, and Google Drive for your docs, use this integration to automate some busy work! Now, whenever you create a new doc in Google Drive, Zapier will automatically launch a Tallyfy process.

  • When you upload files in a Dropbox folder, launch Tallyfy processes

    If you upload files to Dropbox and use Tallyfy for process management, use this integration to automate your busy work! With this integration, whenever you upload a file in a Dropbox folder, Zapier will automatically launch Tallyfy processes.

  • Launch custom Tallyfy processes when your customer upgrades or downgrades their plan in Recurly

    We all know the feeling. "I wish I'd done XYZ before our customer left us and churned". If you use Recurly to track subscriptions and billing, set up any events that you care about - and never drop the ball on doing a set process in your team. With Tallyfy - you can create a blueprint of any custom process that you need to execute if specific changes happen in Recurly.

    Note - please set up your blueprint on Tallyfy first.

  • Launch custom processes on Tallyfy when you create new sales invoices in Xero

    Sales invoices "look" simple. However, in mid-size and larger teams where you need to do much more than just create a sales invoice. You might need to check on pricing, profits margins, timelines, available resources, and so much more. With this awesome integration, when a new sales invoice is created in Xero - you can either do a set process for making sure it's right, or run a set process after it's been sent to the customer.

    Note - create your blueprint in Tallyfy first.

  • Launch processes on Tallyfy when you get new Mailchimp subscribers

    It's great to get new email subscribers. However, as we all know , those new subscribers are actually new prospects or leads. If you don't research them properly, or reach out to them after they subscribe (on time) with a highly tailored offer or call-to-action, you could lose a big opportunity. Personalized offers stand the highest chance of success. You can't do anything personalized without research on the subscriber first. With this awesome integration, you can create a simple research process for any new subscriber on your Mailchimp and launch the process on Tallyfy, every time you have a new subscriber.

    Note - create your blueprint on Tallyfy first.

  • Launch Tallyfy processes when a JotForms are submitted

    If you're collecting information via JotForms but managing the rest in Tallyfy, this integration is the one for you! Now, whenever a JotForm is submitted, Zapier will launch a Tallyfy process.

  • Launch processes on Tallyfy when pull requests are created on GitHub

    Code quality is everything. People often use branches or pull requests on GitHub for specific issues and features. If you close the pull request too quickly, without proper QA and testing - you risk a constant and increasing stream of bugs. With this awesome integration - you can create a custom process on Tallyfy (as a blueprint) and launch it every time a new pull request is created or closed on GitHub.

  • Launch Tallyfy processes for new GitHub issues

    One of the biggest problems in software development is poorly defined issues and acceptance criteria. If you make a GitHub issue without sufficient detail, it not only frustrates developers but the issue might not even be confirmed as reproducible. Every time a new issue is created in GitHub - launch a process on Tallyfy to: - Check the issue is actually reproducible - Add proper details to the issue such as screenshots, URL's or even screencasts - Define dependencies, tags, milestones, priority and much richer context to the issue If you prep an issue right, a developer can get a lot more productive (and can do that far more quickly).

    Note - create your blueprint on Tallyfy first.

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Tallyfy Integration Details

Launched on Zapier April 26, 2018

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Subscriber") and Actions (like "Create Task") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following Tallyfy Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

Create Task

Creates a standalone task.

Mark Process Task Complete

Mark process task complete.

Start Process

Launch a new process using a blueprint.

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