SurveyGizmo - Features, Pricing, Alternatives, and More

Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated May 1, 2015

Thoughts of putting together an effective survey and trying to find meaningful results from the responses might be enough to drive you to despair. Maybe it's not quite that bad—but I'd venture a bet that few people actually love making surveys. And yet, SurveyGizmo—with its bright-colored interface and friendly cartoon robot sidekick—tries its hardest to make building surveys as fun as possible.

It starts with making your account, where SurveyGizmo will ask for a survey title and lets you pick from a template to start from before you've even entered your email address and password. Then, when you start building your survey, you'll find yourself having to think a lot less about what question type to choose, and instead will just start adding the questions you need to your survey.

Unlike the typical sidebar with dozens of field types you can add to your survey, SurveyGizmo only has a link under your question asking if you'd like to add a new question, text/media, or action. Select the former, and a menu will pop out where you can choose the question type—and preview what it'd look like just by hovering over the question type in the menu—then type in your question and the answers your readers can pick from. And instead of confusing wording, you'll find simple phrasing like "What question do you want to ask?" and a "Never Mind" button if you change your mind and don't want to add this question.

It's simple and fun, but it's not simplistic. Tucked away in the options for a new question, you'll find logic rules to only show certain questions based on previous answers, validation to make sure responses are in the correct format including an option to use RegEx to validate text, and even layout questions to list your response options in as few or many columns as you want. And if you want to pipe in a response into a following question, you can do that as well.

Styling is simple in SurveyGizmo, too. You'll find over 20 pre-made themes, along with options to add your own background, tweak the color scheme, and pick from Google Fonts typefaces or link to your own web font. There's also custom CSS, HTML, and headers, so you can add code and make your survey work just like you want. Then, you can preview the survey in a standard desktop, tablet, and smartphone browser size, to make sure it looks great everywhere.

You're almost ready to share your survey—but SurveyGizmo has one more thing to help out your Survey. The Test tab includes a quick Survey Diagnostics box that'll tell you how long it estimates your survey will take to complete, along with an accessibility rating for how easy it will be to fill out. You can then automatically generate test data, or invite others to help you test your survey before you release it into the wild.

Instead of being just another survey app, SurveyGizmo is full of surprises. It'll make it faster and simpler to make a survey, and includes extra tools to help make sure your survey will be a success.

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SurveyGizmo Features

  • Simple survey builder keeps you from having to search for the right question type
  • Paste Word document to create survey
  • See your theme live in a demo desktop or mobile browser as you're tweaking
  • Download theme for offline use
  • Test your survey to make sure it's easy enough to complete
  • Mobile web app with offline mode to add data from anywhere

SurveyGizmo Pricing

  • $25/month Basic plan for unlimited responses, 30+ question types, and logic actions
  • $65/month Professional plan for advanced reporting, data cleaning tools, encryption and more
  • $95/month Premier plan for HIPPA compliance, scripting, custom question types and more
  • Enterprise plans available with team permissions, training and more

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