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SpeechTrans Integration Details

Launched on Zapier December 18, 2015

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Dictation/Automatic Speech Recognition Request (ASR)") and Actions (like "Create Dictation/Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following SpeechTrans Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

Create Dictation/Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Creates an audio file transcription.

Create Text Translation

Create translation of the given text to targeted language

Create Text to Speech (TTS)

Creates an audio file from the text received

Create Advanced Text Translation

Create translation of the given text to targeted language without specifying source language.

Create Audio Translation

Recognizing the text from given audio and translate it to specified target language

Create File Convert and Transcribe

Creates an audio file conversion and transcription. The audio file can be any format.

Create Flight Tracker

Create Flight Tracker that provides details of specified flight number

Create Human Live Interpreter

Creates a new human live interpreter

Create Human Powered Transcription

Creates human powered transcription of given audio file.

Create Human Powered Translation

Creates new human powered translation

Create Human Powered Text to Speech

Creates a human audio file of the given text.

Create Phone Call with Intelliconference Auto Dialer

Create Intelliconference that start a teleconference and add a participant. Press 1 during conference to enable translation for a single sentence or * to enable continuous automatic speech to speech translation.

Create Automatic Language Detection and Translation

Creates a new translation by identifying language of the source text automatically

Create Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Create OCR that extracts the text from given image

Create Sentimental Analysis

Create sentimental analysis of given text

New Surfi Intelligent Assistant

Create surfi intelligent assistant that translates and answers user questions directly based on primary data sources (brochures, web pages, manuals, records, etc.)

Create Topic Extraction

Creates topic extraction and occurrence from the given text

New Dictation/Automatic Speech Recognition Request (ASR)

Triggers when there is a new dictation.

New Text Translation Request

Triggers when there is a new translation.

New Text to Speech Request (TTS)

Trigger when new TTS (Text to Speech) request has occured. Use this to send the auto generated wav file to any third party application.

New Automatic Language Detection and Translation

Triggers when new automatic language detection and translation happens

New File Convert and Transcribe

Triggers when there is a New File Convert and Transcribe request.

New Data Analysis Language

Triggers when new data analysis language list requests.

New Flight Track Request

Triggers when New flight tracking happens

New Human Powered Transcription

Triggers when a new human powered transcription occurs.

New Human Powered Translation

Triggers when new human powered translation occured.

New Intelliconference Phone Call Occured

Triggers when new SpeechTrans Intelliconference occured

New Surfi Intelligent Assistant

Triggers when a new surfi intelligent assistant occurs

New Keyword Extraction Request

Triggers when there is a new keyword extraction occurs.

New Live Interpreter

Triggers when new live interpreter happen.

New Optical Character Recognition Request (OCR)

Triggers when a new OCR (Optical Character Recognition) happens.

New Sentimental Analysis Request

Triggers when there is a new Sentimental analysis occurs.

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