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Transactional email tools are somewhat like plumbing; they do the work in the background, without having a lot for you to look at. With SparkPost, you can send emails through their SMTP server, for a simple way to use SparkPost's servers to send messages from your traditional email apps. Or, you can use the API to send messages from your internal software automatically. And the API keys won't automatically give every app full access to your entire account. Instead, for extra security, SparkPost lets you tweak each API key's permissions, with a whitelist of IP addresses so you know that key can only be used by the app you want, to send the emails you want.

With many transactional email services, you'll need to do all the work of designing and personalizing email messages in your apps—the email sending service just delivers the messages. But SparkPost goes beyond that, with a full template and personalization system built in. You can create HTML email templates, complete with variables, and store them along with your email subscriber info in SparkPost. For the most personalized emails, you can include nested substitution rules and conditions, to only replace something when a customer, say, has purchased a specific product and is subscribed to your updates email. Then, when you send messages, you can use these templates and substitutions to automatically send personalized emails without needing to build your own email template tool.

Wondering how your latest emails performed? SparkPost is ready to help there, too, with a dashboard that lists over 40 different metrics about all of you emails. You can search for specific messages, create custom views to dig deeper into your data, push the data to your own apps via another API or webhooks, or download it in a spreadsheet to analyze on your own.

It's everything you need for a full-featured email sending experience, one that'll let you quickly send customized messages and see how they perform. And if you need more help, SparkPost includes an Elite program that'll give you a dedicated technical account manager and will help you get setup without doing any extra work.

Sending bulk email is too important a job to try to do on your own. SparkPost makes sure it's easy to send your emails—and then includes enough extra tools to make sure you'll save time and send better emails.

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