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How to Get Started with RSS on Zapier

An RSS (really simple syndication) feed is a clean way of getting the content from a frequently updated source, such as a blog, or news site with just the key information.

Check out the Zapier blog RSS feed here to see how an RSS looks when you visit one on your browser.

To get started Triggering from an RSS feed from Zapier, you'll need to choose "RSS by Zapier" as your Zap's Trigger and then you'll be able to connect to your feed in step 4 of your Zap.

You'll need to enter the URL of your feed into the "Feed URL" field. If your feed is private (and requires a login to view) you can enter your username and password here too. If not leave those fields blank.

If you are using RSS as the Action for your Zap, you'll be able to create your own feed URL and customize the content that will be populated within that feed in step 5 of your Zap.

Popular Things to do with RSS

Get email notifications for new Zapier job openings

RSS by Zapier + Email by Zapier

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Add new Facebook Pages posts to an RSS feed

Facebook Pages + RSS by Zapier

Send a webhook when an RSS feed is updated

RSS by Zapier + Webhooks by Zapier

Share new RSS items in Slack

RSS by Zapier + Slack

Send OneSignal push notifications for new RSS items

RSS by Zapier + OneSignal

Send new RSS feed entries via email

RSS by Zapier + Email by Zapier

Common Problems with RSS

Data Size Limit on Content Field in "Create Item in Feed"#

Zapier can only handle about 10kb of data in the Content field for the action "Create Item in Feed". If your data exceeds the 10kb limit, the task will error out. We've added a field to control what should happen in this case, you can set it to automatically truncate the data, or not truncate it and instead throw an error and stop the Zap.

Clearing out items in feed from testing#

There currently isn't a way to edit your RSS feed and remove items. If you want to start with a fresh feed, simply change the feed URL. Also note that old entries will clear out if no items are added for 2 weeks.

Not all my RSS items are showing up#

We only store the most recent 50 items in the feed. Also, all items are removed if no new items are added for 14 days.

My RSS feed from Craigslist isn't working#

Unfortunately, Craigslist blocks connections to their RSS feed from servers like the ones that Zapier uses, so we won't be able to access Craigslist RSS feeds in a zap.

Continue button is grayed out when building my zap#

Check the URL field to make sure there aren't any invalid characters. Only letters, numbers, and hyphens will be accepted. Spaces and other characters need to be removed.

I can't add an enclosure to my items#

When setting up a Zap, the editor provides fields for "Media URL", "Media MIME Type", and "Media Length." Under the hood, these are actually used to create an enclosure, so if you want to provide a link to other media types besides audio files or images, you can use those three fields to do so.

RSS Tips and Tricks

10 Things You Had No Idea RSS Could Do#

How to Filter, Combine, and Customize RSS Feeds#

Automatically send new RSS items to Hipchat with Zapier#

If you use Hipchat as your communication hub, you may have wanted to funnel other info into it, like new posts from an RSS feed. Now you can do that with the help of Zapier! Here's what you'll need to get started:

  • A Zapier account -
  • An RSS feed URL
  • A Hipchat account - It helps if you've already created the room these messages will be sent to

In Zapier#

First you'll want to start creating a zap that takes new RSS items and sends them to Hipchat as messages. Click the 'Learn More' below to get started, then 'Start using this' to create that zap.

Collect new Typeform responses as rows on Google Sheets

Typeform + Google Sheets

Send emails from Gmail for new Facebook Lead Ads leads

Facebook Lead Ads + Gmail

Get email notifications or send follow-ups to new Typeform respondents

Typeform + Gmail

Get Slack notifications for new Typeform entries

Typeform + Slack

Get emails with new Facebook Lead Ads leads

Facebook Lead Ads + Email by Zapier

Next you'll be prompted to paste URL of the RSS feed you want to trigger from.

Next you'll be put into the zap editor to finish configuring the zap. You can continue to the next step where you'll connect to your Hipchat account. After giving it a name you'll insert your Auth token from Hipchat. You can find that token and/or create a new one at

Note: The Auth token must be an admin token, and not a notification token. This is so Zapier can generate a list of rooms to use in your zap.

Next comes the meat of your zap, the template where you decide what info from your RSS item gets passed along to Hipchat. To start, specify the room where these messages will go in Hipchat by choosing from the dropdown. From there, the basic fields (like Message) are taken care of, but you can customize it and fill in any other fields by using the 'Insert Fields' button or by choosing from the drop-down. More on that process here:

After setting up the template, you'll have the chance to test that zap out with real items from your RSS feed. You can click on the samples to see the data you get from the feed, and what info exactly will be sent to Hipchat.

The last step is to name your zap and turn it on! Now those RSS items will get sent to Hipchat without any extra work!

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