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Shaun Takenouchi
Written by Shaun TakenouchiLast updated October 14, 2015

There is so much information you can find online. Too much, in fact. I check Feedly and Twitter for the latest news each day, and still find other interesting things online at random. I have just enough time to browse through my feeds and my timelines during the day; reeding full articles has to wait for the evening. When I get home at night, I want to sit back and read some of the important news and informative articles I glanced over during the day. That is where Pocket comes in for me on a daily basis.

Pocket has been around since 2007, though it was original called Read It Later—and was one of the first apps of its kind. The original version was just a Firefox extension for saving bookmarks you only planned to look at once. It later gained mobile apps for reading those articles offline, and since has matured into an amazing service where you can save links, images, and videos from just about anywhere.

At its core, Pocket is a place to save articles and videos that you come across on the web or in mobile apps—a pocket to stuff the things you find throughout the day. Then, when you have some free time to read or watch a video, you can open the Pocket app and jump into something you've already saved even if you're offline.

Pocket has apps for almost any device you'll use. You can add links to Pocket from Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera, or use its integrations in over 500 mobile apps to save links from other places. Then, you can read your articles offline with their iOS, Android, Mac and Windows apps, or sync them with your Kobo eReader. You can save links from anywhere, then start reading right from your favorite devices.

Anything you want to reference later can go in Pocket: articles, recipes, images, videos and more. When you want to go back to retrieve what you saved, just open one of the Pocket apps where your content will already be synced. You can organize your saved items in Pocket with tags, or with a premium subscription you can search through article text to find just what you're looking for. Tap on an article, and Pocket will show it in a simple reading view with just the content you want, and no ads, comments, or sidebars to distract it. You don’t have to go back to the website, as you would with a bookmark, but instead can just read it right within Pocket. Once you are done, you can then archive the item to save for later as a quick reference of your favorite online content.

Pocket has added some new features recently that make it even better. There is now a Recommended tab that suggest articles you might like based on your recent saves. I save a lot of sports and tech articles to Pocket, so my Recommended tab shows popular articles about sports and tech that others have saved to Pocket. It's a great way to dive even deeper into your favorite topics.

With a premium subscription, Pocket also gives guarantees the articles you've added will be saved forever—even if the site goes offline. You can search through every article you've ever saved and dig up your favorites, without having to worry about an article getting deleted. Premium accounts also advanced search tools and suggested tags for your saved items, both great tools to help you find the right article in your exhaustive archive.

Pocket is an app I tend to take for granted because I use it so much, one I'd hate to do without. If you want a simple place to save articles, images, or videos for later viewing, Pocket is a great service that comes in handy—and works on any of your favorite devices.

Have any feedback on this overview, or something we should change? Let us know!

Pocket Features

  • Save images, links, and videos from the web or mobile apps
  • Read articles offline from anywhere
  • Organize saved items with tags
  • Share links via Buffer, Facebook, Twitter and Email
  • iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Kobo and Web apps available

Pocket Pricing

  • Free Basic plan with standard features
  • $4.99/month Premium plan for advance search, permanent backup, and suggested tags

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